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Result Analysis-Enhancement for Short Term and Long Term Split

Result analysis-Adjustment of amounts in different currencies

The deliverable contains detailed analysis of the result and specific challenges faced by a Technology client to standardizing service costing and project costing by consolidating the systems, automating the processes, and removing redundant processes. The solution explains issues faced during the currency conversion challenges and splitting revenue surplus into short-term and long-term account balances. It also contains solution for the case when the amortization is expected to happen even though there are no planning values in the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) or projects.

Implementation Guidelines on Results Analysis for Project or Work Breakdown Structure


Client is one of the largest TMT enterprises involved in manufacturing Storage Devices, Servers, and Switches. It also performs repairs, maintenance, and installation of the servers etc. Purpose of the project was standardizing Service Costing and Project Costing by consolidating the systems, automating the processes, and removing redundant processes. Deloitte was selected to partner with client on this engagement to integrate the solution with several different transformation initiatives by adopting S4 HANA, Ariba SCC, Ariba Buying and Invoicing, Concur, EAP and boundary application e.g., Salesforce (SFDC), Legacy system (GCSN-Global Channel Service Network) Client is engaged in repair, installation, break fix and preventive operation of the servers and electronic components which encompass Service Costing.




Rob Willis
CS Managing Director | Consulting
Enterprise Performance

Gaurav Tyagi
Senior Manager | Consulting
Enterprise Performance

Bill Schregardus
Specialist Leader | Consulting
Enterprise Performance

Robindra Kumar Jain
Senior Consultant | Consulting
Enterprise Performance

Niladri Chatterjee
DC Specialist Master | Consulting
Enterprise Performance


Process of execution

The process of execution of RA and Settlement in Client environment still follows the same standard transaction below, but the additional implicit enhancement and user exit play’s role in achieving the specific needs.