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ERP Core Modernization

Experience the next level of ERP without interrupting core operations

ERP Core Modernization is the joint Deloitte and ServiceNow value proposition that brings the impact of ERP modernization to the organization. Informed by process mining and data insights, it merges Deloitte’s deep industry and ERP strategy expertise with ServiceNow’s seamless digital workflows to deliver impact that matters. With ERP Core Modernization, we enable leaders to get the most out of their existing ERP to build a more connected business.

Your ERP Modernization Journey

Whether you have a dated ERP, are undergoing an ERP upgrade or are involved in M&A activities—it’s the perfect time to take your ERP to the next level. Deloitte offers an approach that quickly delivers incremental ERP capabilities that are built and prioritized from a foundation of actionable insights. Backed by speed, scale, and insight, you can get the most out of your ERP to drive sustainable business growth.


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