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Deloitte Dutch Caribbean's 2021 Human Capital Trends

Making the shift from “survive to thrive” depends on an organization becoming distinctly human at its core—a different way of being that approaches every question, every issue, and every decision from a human angle first.


In 2020, COVID-19 forced organizations around the world to enact radically new ways of working and operating amid the pandemic's human and economic impacts. Organizations had to respond to a sudden, unforeseen crisis whose rapidly changing nature confounded efforts to predict and plan for events. 

Having a plan to deal with the unexpected, as important as it is, isn’t all organizations need in such an environment. Even more necessary is to make a fundamental mindset shift: from a focus on surviving to the pursuit of thriving.

Read more in Deloitte Dutch Caribbean's 2021 Human Capital Trends, global trends from a local perspective.

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