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Audit & Assurance – Deloitte Private

Private Company Audit & Assurance services

Deloitte Private’s Audit & Assurance practice is positioned to provide confidence amidst complexity and change, and to transform your audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.   

Private companies have unique opportunities, challenges, and plans for the future. To find success they need a trusted business adviser to provide insights based on global experience, coupled with a deep understanding of their business. Deloitte Private’s Audit & Assurance practice is uniquely positioned to provide confidence amidst complexity and change, and to transform an audit into an opportunity for insight and understanding.

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Risk Advisory

Many leading private companies understand that risk can be a source of competitive advantage. By managing risk better, these organizations can unleash their full potential, creating and protecting value for stakeholders, including family-owners, entrepreneurs, and their investors.  

Tax & Legal

Proactive prevention of wealth erosion requires the ongoing review of legal and tax arrangements. Deloitte Private delivers this to companies and individuals, helping to see that aspects of wealth generation, protection, and transfer are conducted as effectively as possible. 


Deloitte Private’s consulting practitioners can help imagine, deliver, and lead to innovate and transform businesses. We collaborate with entrepreneurs and private businesses to improve and grow through each milestone.   

Finance Advisory

Deloitte Private helps clients unlock and create solutions that can sustain value in mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, forensics, value creation services, analytics and data applications, economics, valuations, and modeling.  

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An audit–focused on the client

Deloitte Private delivers tailored audit and assurance services, delivered by client service teams that are proficient in private company matters, have an advanced and detailed understanding of auditing standards for private companies, and can apply industry-specific experience to serve with distinction.

Insights from a trusted business adviser

Amidst increasing complexity, a Deloitte Private audit delivers the discernment that supports insightful decision-making. Our people are deeply skilled in advising private companies at every stage of their life cycle. Working with Deloitte Private means engaging with smart, dynamic teams who develop a deep understanding of businesses to deliver valuable insights and interactions.

Assurance services for private companies

Deloitte Private addresses complex accounting matters, transactional events, finance organizations, internal financial controls, and an ever-expanding range of topics that can result from market disruption. We are continually adapting service offerings to enable clients to be ready to act with confidence as markets evolve.

From family business-focused governance services, to the implementation of new accounting standards, we take a proactive approach—addressing all variables that must be considered by decision-makers of private companies, their owners, and individuals, providing valuable insights that build confidence and unlock opportunity.

Digital in motion 

Digital transformation can be an essential growth strategy for private business leaders. Explore the advantages and key enablers private companies have at their disposal to accelerate this transformation.