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Audit, Risk & Financial Advisory



Deloitte Audit, Risk & Financial Advisory Services include:

  • Audit Readiness & Support
  • Accounting & Internal Controls
  • Cyber & Strategic Risks
  • Regulatory Support
  • Financial Advisory

Service descriptions

Ensure audit readiness with a solid audit trail, audit files and workbooks implementing advisory solutions, including high-end technical financial reporting and accounting resourcing support. Leading to an effective & smooth audit process and no last-minute surprises.

We specialize in:

New Accounting Standards Implementation – Addressing risks and improve reporting capabilities, as well as help you adopt and maintain compliance with the new accounting requirements, including assessing business impacts on operations and financial statements to changes in accounting policy and assistance with implementation roadmap.

On-call Advisory Services – Providing access to the depth and breadth of Deloitte's technical professionals to assist with addressing the complex International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Dutch GAAP accounting issues, including white paper development to support accounting policy changes and opinions on accounting positions.

Accounting Operations Advisory Deloitte’s Accounting Operations Advisory allows you to supplement short- and long-term finance talent resources within accounting teams, with Deloitte acting as a third-party service provider for management. This also includes assistance with the preparation of the financial statements in accordance with the relevant financial reporting framework, audit readiness assessment and remediation. 

Our team will assist you with compliance and assurance, advising on critical business issues and applying creative, innovative thinking to help you better navigate risks and opportunities, addressing  issues and risks in controllership, accounting and financial reporting; treasury, assurance needs including internal audit; and efficacy of internal controls systems.

We specialize in:

Controllership, Accounting and Reporting – Assistance with management of accounting and financial reporting activities across accounting and reporting domains, emerging regulatory guidance, industry and business developments, development of solutions to data complexities, achievement of finance transformation and digital controllership goals and objectives, and counsel to the Chief Finance Officer and finance organization. 

Internal Audit  Assistance with transformation of the internal audit functions to increase quality and reduce cost. Serve as internal audit function to assist in process efficiency, fraud detection, operational quality, internal control, and regulatory compliance, assistance with management of risks, controls, and governance related to evolving IT systems, applications, and other digital risks.

Digital Controls  Assistance with the emerging risks in the use of new digital technologies through our advisory services, digital assets and digital technology enablement, e.g. with robotics and analytics.

Deloitte Cyber and Strategic Risk is dedicated to helping businesses build that resilience in today’s unpredictable world. We work alongside organizations to help them reimagine risk to drive core business objectives, from cyber and strategic risk, to sustainability, to building reputation. Ultimately, helping you remain relevant to consumers who expect businesses to deliver not just profits but impact for people and planet.

We specialize in:

Cyber Strategy, Transformation and Assessments – Services to balance the requirements for an ideal cyber strategy posture with strategic objectives and the risk appetite of the organization through an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by an organization’s executive leadership to innovate, to use new technologies and to grow securely. 

Infrastructure Security – Assistance with cyber capabilities and solutions focused on network and infrastructure security and resilience and addresses the technical backbone of their cyber security through development, transformation and resilience of secure network architecture through various mechanisms including network segmentation.

Crisis and Resilience – Assistance with resilience to crises and the risks in the services provided to assess, monitor, prevent and respond the client’s environment and the broader marketplace.

Strategy, Brand and Reputation Assistance with effective risk management at an enterprise level to achieve organizational objectives, minimize threats and maximize opportunity.

Holistic in our methods, we go beyond regulatory compliance and remediation services to help you manage risk and vulnerabilities and raise the bar for compliance operations. Our highly specialized skills and in-depth experience help your organization address challenges and manage the complexity of enterprise compliance for regulated industries. 

We specialize in:

Regulatory Strategy & Compliance – Designing, implementing and operating large-scale compliance programs and     managing regulatory obligations;

  • Enabling a proactive, forward-looking assessment of regulatory trends and impact on business models and aligning those business models to a changing regulatory environment;
  • Improving oversight of regulatory and compliance risk;
  • Compliance monitoring, testing, analytics and reporting.

Regulatory Response – Supporting client’s responses to specific breakdowns in their regulatory compliance programs which are often driven by actual, or the prospect of, regulatory censure.

Our Financial Advisory practice focuses on providing reliable and accurate solutions, to companies in the public and private sector, in order to operated successfully in in today’s volatile business environment. We are able to solve complex issues and together help you run your business and achieve financial efficiency by making sound decisions that are based on dependable and detailed financial input.


We specialize in:

Indicative Valuation –

  • Indicative valuation using client’s forecasts and forward-looking input;
  • Sensitivity and risk analysis on key valuation parameters;
  • Expert Witness Valuation (i.e.: Litigation and Dispute)


Financial Modelling –

  • Preparation of financial model in collaboration with clients;
  • Assessment of client’s financial model and its assumptions;
  • Assistance in Business and Key Performance Indicators (KPI) reporting;
  • Budgeting and forecasting.


Capital Raising & Debt Advisory –

  • Analysis of funding needs and identifying and assessing different sources of funding;
  • Negotiating on behalf of clients for the renewal or creation of funding facilities;
  • Specialist support in insolvency processes and covenant breach with assessment of the different alternatives and the delivery of contingency plan.


Lender Solutions –

  • We provide clear, practical, commercial advice to banks and lending institutions
    that adds value to their asset structuring and credit management;
  • Independent business reviews, business viability reviews (detailed analysis of cashflow requirements) and pre-lending reviews of potential clients;
  • Sensitivity and risk analysis on key valuation parameters.


Financial Due Diligence –

  • Pre-analysis (i.e.: red flag analysis);
  • Highlights key business drivers;
  • Identify upsides & downsides;
  • Analyze working capital & net debt;
  • Identify price negotiation options;
  • Identify SPA impact.


Asset Quality Reviews – supporting our clients in the financial industry to evaluate their assets and measure the credit risk associated with it.


Merger & Acquisition Transactions - supporting our clients in analyzing
and valuating the acquisition target and guiding them through all the steps of
the transaction.

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