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Panel discussion: Building sustainable ecosystems across EMEA
Tuesday, 17 May 2022 1:00 AM CET

Past Event


17 May.

Tuesday, 01:00 CET | 1 Hr 30 min.

Panel discussion: Building sustainable ecosystems across EMEA

Considerations for private businesses

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting considerations are becoming more relevant for private businesses, demanding the attention of CFOs, boards, and audit committees. With various reporting landscapes across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA), sustainability disclosures consistent with the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) are increasingly requiring action.

About the event

During our A&A Deloitte Private and Sustainability Assurance webcast that took place on 17 May 2022, we heard about the developing ESG reporting landscape from our leaders across EMEA, and more specifically the considerations for Private organizations as ESG reporting is increasingly a stakeholder expectation and an integral part of business strategies.

We are seeing the market evolve dramatically with sustainability becoming an important consideration for investment and business decisions. Being able to move with greater agility, Private businesses are uniquely placed to lead the way and contribute to achieving a sustainable future by proactively embedding ESG requirements into their existing business model and reporting. Check out more key takeaways below.

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We are seeing the market evolve dramatically with sustainability becoming an important consideration for investment and business decisions

Highlights of the webcast:

  • ESG – reporting and expectations – is increasingly impacting Private businesses seeking to secure funding and attract top talent, with ESG being a key consideration for investors and future employees;
  • Stakeholders increasingly expect transparent sustainability agendas;
  • Having the right people to execute on your ESG (reporting) ambition is key;
  • Start with embedding ESG as an integral part of your business strategy – define a number of KPIs and understand your stakeholders’ expectations – advance planning will assist in complying with the regulations;
  • Address the key risks and ensure that this is a part of your wider ESG plan;
  • Sustainability is a journey that needs to start now – it was advised that organizations should not wait for the regulations to further develop and that the time to act is now;
  • New ESG reporting requires both deep knowledge of ESG and the numbers – bringing the role of the CFO and Sustainability Officer together is critical to ensure that there is an integrated internal team and further collaboration to set the right tone and culture within the business; and
  • Connectivity – we need to understand how a companies’ sustainability narrative translates into (financial) performance. This is critical to understand how sustainable financial performance and how resilient the business may be.

  • Cynthia Corby - Deloitte Private Audit Leader - Deloitte North and South Europe
  • Dan Keeble - Assurance Leader - Deloitte North and South Europe
  • Kristen Sullivan - Global Audit & Assurance Climate Services Leader
  • Stephen Farrell - Partner, Audit & Assurance - Deloitte UK
  • Monica Palumbo - Sustainability Partner - Deloitte Italy
  • Damian Regan - Sustainability Reporting & Assurance Leader - Deloitte Middle East
  • Albert-Jan Heitink - Partner, Audit & Assurance - Deloitte Netherlands

For questions/more information

For further information or for future webcasts focused on private businesses across EMEA, please contact the team here.