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Saudi Arabia’s digital government stays ahead of the curve

How a nationwide technology innovation ecosystem is enhancing the digital government experience for citizens—and staying focused on the future

Care model innovation


Health delivery organizations around the world are struggling to solve the long-present challenges of health care affordability, access, quality, and efficiency. However, existing care models can impede their efforts to adapt and evolve for the future, even as COVID-19 accelerates the imperative to transform. Care model innovation can help health delivery organizations to reduce or eliminate many of the challenges arising from today’s delivery models.

Government Learning and Public Sector Training

Integrated. Agile. Transformational. Optimized. These are the characteristics of public sector learning in the future. And the future is now. Why? Because jobs are rapidly changing, which means new skills and capabilities are needed today. Deloitte is leading the movement to build a learning ecosystem that delivers unique, data-driven employee training and leadership programs that empower everyone to learn, develop, and succeed.

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The author would like to thank Terry Koch of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, Sarah Thomas of Deloitte Services LP, Karen Thomas of Deloitte LLP, and Rebecca Schultz for their contributions to this report.

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