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FOR many people, COVID-19 lockdowns quickly increased the number of hours spent in front of screens—and inspired millions to try new digital activities. Deloitte’s 2020 digital media trends survey found that, during the crisis, a third of consumers have, for the first time, subscribed to a video gaming service, used a cloud gaming service, or watched esports or a virtual sporting event.1 With school and office closures, work furloughs, and canceled travel plans, more people are playing video games—and more are upgrading their gaming relationships from casual to committed. But once people resume venturing out of doors, will providers be able to keep players engaged?

  1. Kevin Westcott et al., Digital media trends survey, 14th edition, Deloitte Insights, June 23, 2020. 

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  2. Westcott et al., Digital media trends survey, 14th edition

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