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TMT Predictions 2022

What’s next for technology, media, and telecommunications?
From women in tech to floating solar panels, TMT Predictions
gives you a glimpse of what 2022 could have in store.

All about screens

There’s no midlife slump for the video games console market. Content, experience, and business-model innovations are keeping it competitive

Addressable TV advertising can deliver targeted TV ads to different households—but its best use may be to extend reach, not to differentiate messages

TV’s viewership decline in the United Kingdom’s bellwether market heralds a new era for the video content ecosystem

Subscription video-on-demand providers’ pursuit of global viewers is igniting competition and catalyzing SVOD churn. Customizing business model by market may be key to success

All chips, all the time

My kingdom for a chip: The semiconductor shortage extends into 2022

As VCs push gigadollars to fabless semiconductor startups, the innovation ecosystem is the sure winner

The open-source chip architecture offers lower costs and greater access, but its future in the marketplace is anything but certain

Making connections

The FWA market is growing strongly, with 5G powering enhanced performance. Will it be key to closing the digital divide?

The next generation of Wi-Fi is set to play a pivotal role as organizations innovate with advanced networking

Health care anywhere

Smartwatches and wearable medical devices help people monitor their health 24/7. Their impact could increase if doctors trust their utility and people feel their data is secure

Mental health care needs are pressing around the world. Apps can deliver support on demand and on the go

Green and diverse

Lengthening phone lifetimes would help reduce the environmental impact of smartphones. But could smartphone vendors find other revenue sources?

Asia/Pacific is taking the lead in deploying floating photovoltaic arrays as the technology advances and its economics improve

Why do boys and men read fewer books, and less often, than girls and women?

Technology companies should renew their commitment to advancing gender diversity in tech as the pandemic recedes

New and next

The chance for fans to acquire, not just view, licensed digital media of their favorite sports moments will likely cement non-fungible tokens’ place in the sports content marketplace

These emerging technologies for safeguarding the data used in AI applications are available and effective today. Now, the challenge is to make them more practical

The future of quantum computing isn’t quite here yet. But that doesn’t mean that companies shouldn’t prepare

AI in 2022 will face intensifying regulatory scrutiny, with implications that resonate across industries