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Unlocking opportunity, one Career Lab at a time

The story of Year Up

Through Deloitte’s WorldClass initiative, we are committed to expanding opportunities for 100 million people by 2030. Our professionals are using their skills and expertise to mentor individuals, and to support organizations that are addressing education and skills gaps. The stories in this collection highlight some of the individuals impacted by this work.

Employers face a growing need for talent while millions of talented young adults lack access to meaningful careers. So, how do you connect rising talent with employers? By giving a step up to those in need through the Year Up program.

Year Up is a national workforce development organization, serving more than 10,000 young adults across the country since 2000. The organization is committed to ensuring equitable access to economic opportunity, education, and justice for all young adults—no matter their background, income, or zip code.

Deloitte has partnered with Year Up and invested in the development of Career Labs online, a modular professional skills training leveraging Year Up’s proven intellectual property, to serve opportunity talent at scale.

As an organization committed to helping create an equitable, sustainable, and inclusive society, we are inspired by Year Up’s mission to empower young adults to reach their full potential.

From the innovative fast-tracking of Year Up’s Virtual Career Labs program, to their alignment with the OneTen coalition, we are proud to support this important work.

Kwasi Mitchell, Chief Purpose Officer; Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP

This investment allowed Year Up to fast-track the development of this digital prototype at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. Since working with Deloitte, Year Up delivered Career Labs online to over 600 students in just over two months and has sponsored over 40 interns since 2013.

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