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Other credits | Event language: English

19 Jan.

Thursday, 10:00 CET

The Chairperson’s Guide to Valuing Nature: a Deloitte panel discussion in collaboration with the World Economic Forum and the Climate Governance Initiative

A special webinar during the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2023 in Davos on why business needs to turn its attention to valuing nature, featuring a panel of chairs and leaders from global companies.

The panel will discuss the World Economic Forum report, The Chairperson’s Guide to Valuing Nature, written in collaboration with Deloitte and the Climate Governance Initiative. The paper covers why nature is important to company strategy, and the role of chairs as stewards of nature in business. 

The Chair's Guide to Realizing Value from a Just Transition

If these principles are not employed

The just transition is both a principle and process that aims to address the fact that climate-driven economic change may disrupt, transform, or eliminate entire industries, workforces and professions. Left unchecked, this could create unjust and enduring economic and social effects.