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Innovating for good with a COVID-19 triage and clinical prediction platform

Everyday Impact Story: Deloitte Israel partners with tech giants to digitally triage, monitor, and manage patient care.

In the midst of the Coronavirus crisis, Deloitte people around the globe are working to connect to what matters each and every day. This story is part of a series featuring Deloitte people and the impactful work they are doing with clients and in the communities they serve.

What is the challenge?

The COVID-19 pandemic is stretching the capacity of healthcare systems worldwide. As more and more people fall ill, hospitals are admitting waves of patients who require significant medical care, fast. Medical providers need real-time information to efficiently triage and monitor patients and manage their treatment.

How are we helping?

Deloitte Israel is partnering with Salesforce and Diagnostic Robotics to help national healthcare systems make quicker and more effective decisions about treating and managing the spread of the epidemic. ConvergeHEALTH ConnectTM uses artificial intelligence to manage the remote treatment of patients, carry out medical care plans, and give patients real-time updates.

Hospitals can widely deploy the system in just a few days to help intake patients, map and identify friends and family who may have been exposed to the virus, and manage patient care. In a crisis as fast-moving as the COVID-19 pandemic, getting the right information to the right people at the right time can help save lives.

The accelerator has already been deployed in the Indian state of Odisha to help medical facilities track and manage the spread among its population. In the coming weeks it will be made available in several other geographies.


At Deloitte, we are connecting with our clients, people, and communities to make an impact every day.