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Outsourced Compliance, Accounting, & Documentation Services

Drawing on Deloitte’s extensive experience, we offer services that help streamline processes and identify leading-edge technologies that can make your tax operations more effective, accurate, and compliant with evolving tax rules. Deloitte services can help support the growth and innovation of your business goals.

Corporate Tax Compliance

We combine efficient tax compliance services, including co-sourcing and outsourcing options, with a suite of integrated tax technologies. This is designed to provide transparency and help taxpayers meet their obligations effectively and affordably. Deloitte combines extensive reach with deep local knowledge and experience, to address a full range of tax compliance needs.


Financial Accounting Operations

As an organization grows, its financial accounting operations should grow with it. We can support you with: transactional bookkeeping; statutory and management reporting; business controls; budgeting, analytics; accounts payable and receivable processing; treasury support; temporary finance management; year-end closing tax provision; and operational finance function support.


Flow-Through & Partnership Tax Compliance

We provide specialized tax compliance services to help flow-through entities and partnerships meet compliance and reporting obligations for business and income taxes. Our teams offer insights into how taxing authorities approach concerns, helping clients better understand the intricacies of pass-through entities.


Fund Compliance

To comply with complex mandates, private equity and real estate fund managers and asset servicers are turning to technology to calculate tax exposure and withholdings, while preparing and validating investor tax reports, and managing compliance obligations. We bring an international, collaborative perspective to cross-border, multi-asset-class investment report which can help you grow your business through more efficient and effective compliance operations.


Global Information Reporting

Our solutions can help identify, document, and report accountholder, client, and investor information to tax authorities while minimizing business impact and delivering compliance across multiple jurisdictions. We draw on specialized jurisdictional knowledge across the network to help your organization make more informed decisions.


Globally Coordinated Tax Compliance

Our compliance specialists can help you identify insights and trends related to worldwide tax attributes, reduce global compliance and reporting costs, and strategically allocate resources to add value to your business. We can also help you refine your tax compliance strategy and restructure your operating models to meet direct and indirect tax compliance and reporting obligations around the world.


High Net Worth Individuals & Family Enterprises Compliance

We work closely with high-net-worth families, family offices, trusts, investment entities, and charitable vehicles to plan and advise on international and domestic income tax, estate and wealth tax, gift tax compliance and reporting, and more. We support your wealth planning strategies while helping you remain tax compliant globally.


Indirect Tax Compliance

Our specialists can help you meet indirect tax compliance obligations, including VAT registration support, preparation and submission of VAT returns, compliance with e-invoicing and direct reporting requirements, and VAT tax authority audit support.


Tax Accounting (including statutory audit support)

We combine technical experience with processes and internal controls. We assist you with the preparation and review of monthly, quarterly, and annual tax provisions, as well as tax accounting computation for acquisitions and divestitures. We perform audit and review procedures, while helping mitigate risk to identify opportunities for your business. 


Trade & Customs Duty, Export Compliance

Managing global supply chains means navigating the laws of multiple jurisdictions to maintain compliance, extract benefits, and keep costs low. Deloitte can advise on duties, taxes, risks, penalties, and the consequences of noncompliance. We can work with you to standardize and automate trade and customs duty compliance processes, allowing you to operate more efficiently at lower risk.


Transfer Pricing Documentation

We can help you meet your challenges with flexible and customized global transfer pricing support including benchmarking, BEPS analysis, local country files, functional analysis, master files, and documentation coordination. We support you in moving beyond timely compliance to realizing greater value from transfer pricing documentation to audit-ready positions, stakeholder communications, tax authority, and identification of new opportunities.