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John R. Tweardy

Olympic and Paralympic Games & Major Events | Principal | Deloitte Consulting LLP

John serves as the Global lead consulting partner (LCP) for the International Olympic Committee and is a member of Deloitte’s Global Sports Team where he is the managing partner for the Olympics, Paralympics & Major Events Practice. John is aligned to Monitor Deloitte Strategy and brings a big-picture understanding of the business dynamics that drive—and, increasingly, are driven by—disruptive technologies. John is leading the team that will transform the largest, most operationally complex events in the world and inspire a new generation of leaders to create positive change through sport. He is a recognized leader in business-led technology strategy and a chief information officer (CIO) fellow, John helps clients reimagine business models, aligning innovative technology initiatives to drive exponential value through continuous reinvention.

John’s deep background advising clients on business-led technology strategy, IT transformation, shared services, and the strategic use of outsourcing gives him a strong understanding of how powerful results can be achieved through strategically orchestrated solutions. When he isn’t crafting ways to restructure business processes through the innovative technology solutions, John helps build structures and support community programs as a volunteer and board member.