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Aditi Karkera, Specialist Leader — Government & Public Services | Deloitte US

Government and Public Services Chief Data Officer | Chief Data Officer for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s

With more than 22 years of industry experience, Adita Karkera serves as the chief data officer for Deloitte Consulting LLP’s Government and Public Services where she leads the data strategy to foster value creation from the organizations’ data while facilitating trust. Karkera also serves as a thought leader and fellow in the Deloitte AI Institute for Government where she strategically advises government clients on maximizing business value in the areas of data management, strategy, advanced analytics, and AI.

As an advisor and thought leader, Karkera is dedicated to improving public service. She has served on numerous industry boards and data management industry forums. She is a pioneer in articulating the importance of data literacy especially in accelerating advanced analytics and trustworthy AI adoption in government.