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Julia Ivehammar – Deloitte NSE, Sweden

Consulting, Customer & Marketing/Deloitte Digital

Being curious and always eager to learn new things have got me into several different journeys. From a young age I have been fascinated by technology and how things work, which led me to work with digital transformations and business processes automation in my daily work at Deloitte. 

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

- Vincent Van Gogh

Also having a study background in Economics with extra focus on sustainability, I was eager to join Sweden’s internal sustainability group when I started at Deloitte. Today, I’m leading this team as part of the WorldClimate initiative.

What societal issue are you most passionate about?

How do you make an impact in society & the world?

  • I love nature and are passionate about everything related to sustainability, with a mission to do a positive impact and increase awareness around environmental impact. Climate change is one of the pressing issues of our time and it is really the time to act.
  • I try to use the network around me and platforms available to make an impact by getting involved in initiatives and actions like WorldClimate and ImpactDay, mentorship programs and other similar initiatives outside of work and challenging the status quo. Working in a big company like Deloitte helps to reach out to a larger audience, and in that way multiply the impact in society and the world. 

What are you most looking forward to at the OYW Summit this year? 

  • I look forward to all the learnings which will help me being a more impactful leader by gaining more insight and knowledge in some of the greatest challenges we face in the future.
  • Being inspired by the topics discussed, meetings with people and new perspectives gained which will contribute to learnings that I hope to transform into actions for a positive impact.

“I feel like I’m making an impact that matters when… I can inspire and help other people to make a greater positive impact in the world”