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2022 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit
Monday, 7 November 2022 10:00 AM

Past Event


7 - 9 Nov.

10:00 am

2022 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit

Driving Investment and Innovation in Life Sciences

Join Deloitte at 2022 Financial Times Global Pharma and Biotech Summit, an industry-leading conference which brings together the world’s biggest pharma companies and other major organizations across the life sciences and health care value chain. The annual event is essential for you to stay on top of the latest trends and innovations in life sciences. CEOs, policymakers and thought leaders from around the world will explore new frontiers for business and for health care and discuss what’s new in areas such as drug discovery, clinical trials and market access.

While the life sciences and health care industry is witnessing a technological innovation since the pandemic, how is the competition between pharma companies and institutional investors for biotech platforms evolving? The industry is already transforming the clinical trial landscape and leveraging health care intelligence, but is scientific complexity still a hurdle? At the same time, the role of companies’ ethics, sustainability and customer value factors could be at the heart of any responsible business strategy. Deloitte leaders, along with industry peers, will unpack many of these critical questions and more at this year’s conference.

Deloitte is proud to once again be a lead sponsor and is pleased to offer a discounted registration to this year’s conference.

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Conference themes:

  • Showing Leadership: What does a good workforce transformation strategy look like? How do pharma companies set ESG goals? How do CEOs make the big calls on where to focus investment?
  • Supporting Innovation: Will cross-industry collaboration continue beyond the pandemic? How is technology transforming R&D? What are the latest next-generation therapies?
  • Saving Lives: What does the rise of precision medicine look like? How can pharma companies become more patient-centric? How can high-cost treatments be made more accessible and affordable?

Deloitte participation sessions

What are the emerging opportunities for stakeholders to build partnerships and how do we predict the shift in balance of in-house and outsourced R&D?


  • David Loew, CEO, Ipsen
  • Ger Brophy, Executive Vice President, Biopharma Production, Avantor
  • John Haughey, Global Life Sciences & Health Care Consulting Leader, Deloitte
  • Kate Bingham, Managing Partner, SV Health Investors
  • Nerida Scott, Head of J&J Innovation EMEA, Johnson & Johnson

Moderator: Clive Cookson, Science Editor, Financial Times

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Digital Transformation in Life Sciences

What is the case for using data on social determinants of health across different stages of the pharma-biotech value chain, from drug development to patient access?


  • Lu Zheng, Head EUCAN Value Based Partnerships and Patient Services, Takeda
  • Marie- Andrée Gamache, Country President, Novartis UK and Ireland
  • Laura Steele, President and General Manager, Lilly UK, Ireland, and Northern Europe Hub, Eli Lilly

Moderator: Greg Reh, Global Life Sciences and Health Care Industry Leader, Deloitte

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Strengthening health ecosystems

What is the potential for AI to predict drug behavior and how are cloud-based solutions being plugged into discovery models?


  • Reza Sadeghi, Chief Strategy Officer, BIOVIA, Dassault Systemes
  • Werngard Czechtizky, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Respiratory and Immunology, Chair of AZ Global Chemistry Leadership, AstraZeneca

Moderator: Laveshni Reddy, Director, Life Sciences and Health Care Practice, Deloitte

  • Frank Nestle, Global Head of Research and Chief Scientific Officer, Sanofi

Moderator: Naveed Panjwani, Director, Life Sciences and Health Care Practice, Deloitte UK

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Life Sciences R&D Insights

What are the various drug development strategies and what are some of the challenges in ensuring the integrity of decentralized clinical trials?


  • Colin Terry, Partner, Life Sciences Consulting Leader, Deloitte
  • Harpreet Gill, Head of Decentralized Clinical Trial Solutions, ICON plc
  • Kim McLean Boericke, Chief Delivery Officer, THREAD
  • ·Fareed Melhem, SVP, 

Medidata AIModerator: Hannah Kuchler, Global Pharmaceuticals Correspondent, Financial Times

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Measuring the return from pharmaceutical innovation 2021

What are the most likely developments in pricing and market access for high-cost advanced therapies and what can be done to increase access and affordability in emerging markets?


  • Jayasree K. Iyer, CEO, Access to Medicine Foundation
  • Richard Saynor, CEO, Sandoz
  • Ana Plata, Global Pricing Head, BioPharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca 
  • Richard Torbett, Chief Executive, Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry

Moderator: Vicky Levy, Global Life Sciences Sector Leader, Deloitte

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Pharma market access and launch strategies

How can agile principles be applied in different parts of the pharma value chain and how should ESG goals be integrated into operating models?


  • Ian Thompson, Senior Vice President, US Business Operations, Amgen
  • Estelle Vester-Blokland, Senior Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Bristol Myers Squibb
  • Róbert Wessman, Chairman and CEO, Alvogen

Moderator: James Gregson, Life Sciences & Health Care Industry Leader, Deloitte UK

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Climate change and health care