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Deloitte – Social Media in Australia

Great Ideas are like shoes, you can never have enough


The Deloitte 2013 Tech Trends found that social is one of the five post-digital forces that will change businesses over the next two years. As such Deloitte Australia are sewing social into the fabric of the firm through dedicated use of enterprise social network software.

The Situation

With staff members spread across the country and embedded within multiple service lines, Deloitte Australia needed a way to effectively bring teams together to enable the best client service.

The enterprise social network software, Yammer, has been in place for years but tended to be used to identify experts and share information. As knowledge workers this use has always made sense but the release of the 2013 Tech Trends combined with an updated, aggressive, social strategy has seen it turned to a platform to help manage all aspects of an engagement.

For Deloitte Australia ‘Social media’ is the means; ‘social capital’ is the end. ‘Social’ is short for both. ‘Social Capital’ is the value of our social networks. This value is derived from the intangible and innumerable benefits that come from people sharing, connecting and building on each other’s thoughts and ideas, in ideas in the moment. The accretive impact is deeper and more valuable professional relationships


A recent bid proposal proved the perfect opportunity to really embed social into every aspect of Deloitte’s project lifecycle. The initial team pitching for the work were assembled and instead of emails, all written communication was passed to each other via Yammer. Additional resources were located, pages of detailed notes were created and slides were refined all with a single group. Additionally Yammer was used to crowd source opinions and information from the thousands of other users on the network to inform the proposal.

By keeping all communication within a single group all members of the team were literally on the same page at all times. This created greater cohesiveness and reduced the time required for reviews and sign off dramatically.

The lessons learned during the preparation for the pitch are being replicated across the business as the members of the team roll onto other engagements with different clients.

The use of the social platform to share all communications is becoming more widespread and the success stories from users drive adoption rates. For example, the social platform is now being used as the communications channels for a multi-million yearlong engagement.

The benefits are realised directly by the users who, as an example, are able to shift daily “stand up” meetings into previously unproductive travel time rather than a dedicated hour via daily meetings and the telephone.

Multiple users are able to record meeting notes at the same time, on the same page, ensuring greater knowledge capture from lesser effort by the attendees. It also enabled an ease of information dissemination and ensuring everyone on the team is aware of key decisions, business requirements and reasoning behind them.

Users log in more frequently outside of business hours to share with their team as friends as well as colleagues. The multiple cities and country-based team are able to use the social platform to connect, build rapport and inclusivity through non-work related conversations, leading to greater cohesion and happiness within the team.

Design and information details are viewed by more eyes; eyes who feel comfortable sharing their opinions leading to better results as a whole in shorter time frames. It also allows for questions raised by the client in workshop to be investigated and responded to by non-attendees – removing the need for follow up emails or meetings.

The social nature of the communications has additional benefits including the flattening of the team structure and experts being recognised for their work rather than their position in a hierarchy. Faster testing of ideas enables more prototypes to be trialled and better results reached.

By making a conscious strategic decision to embed social into every aspect of the work environment through habitualisation and identification of areas for quick, but substantial improvement, Deloitte Australia are changing the way they work together and deliver services to clients.

The benefits are dramatic and the change management is being managed directly by the users of the system; success leads to shared success and every use builds on the last.


  • Millions of dollars in new sales
  • Time savings approaching 1 FTE per engagement per day
  • Simplification of knowledge retention and reuse
  • Repeatable lessons and benefits for across the firm
  • Staff drive change as it impacts not only the business but them directly, improving their daily experience
  • Greater client satisfaction






Deloitte as used in this document refers to one or more of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited, a UK private company limited by guarantee, and its network of member firms, each of which is a legally separate and independent entity. Please see for a detailed description of the legal structure of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited and its member firms.

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