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Canadian desk

UK DeskThe Canadian Desk provides French/Canadian firms and their subsidiaries, within our independence rules, a broad range of fully integrated professional services in areas that includes:

 • Audit
The Canadian Desk team has all required expertise to perform legal or contractual audit on financial statements (statutory or consolidated statements) together with a broad range of complementary attest services.

Your contacts:
- Christophe Saubiez, csaubiez@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 55 61 62 08 - Paris
- Edouard Lhomme, elhomme@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 55 61 64 62 - Paris
- Jérémy Ruiz, jeruiz@deloitte.fr, +33 1 40 88 83 74 - Paris

 • Accounting and book-keeping
The Canadian desk will coordinate you requirements for bookkeeping, preparation or review of your financial statements, filing your annual statements, tax returns, and payroll. Our desk has all expertise through our Deloitte Accounting Services (DAS) and our nationwide subsidiary network "InExtenso".

Your contacts:
- Laurent Blanchard, lblanchard@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 58 37 94 50 - Paris
- Josselyn Dubroca, jdubroca@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 58 37 95 21 - Paris

 • Tax and legal consulting
Qualified lawyers and tax advisors with "TAJ", our tax and legal consulting firm, are ready to assist you with all your requirements concerning company, commercial, and tax and employment legislation.

Your contacts:
- Benoît Dambre, bdambre@taj.fr,  +33 1 55 61 62 62 - Paris
- Benoît Philippart, bphilippart@taj.fr,  +33 1 55 61 53 82 - Paris

 • Management consulting
Our consulting team will support you with any projects you may have in areas such as information systems, financial planning and reporting and internal audit.

Your contacts:
- Franck Carrere, fcarrere@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 55 61 61 70 - Paris
- Romain Dubuisson , rdubuisson@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 58 37 96 10 - Paris

 • Financial Advisory Services
We have a team of specialists with broad experience in acquisition, restructuring, valuations and dispute resolution services.

Your contact:
- Cyril Stivala, cstivala@deloitte.fr,  +33 1 40 88 43 39 - Paris

Our expertise cover a broad range of differences in business environments between France and Canada: accounting, tax, legal… Our international capabilities enable quality service with high technical expertise and efficiency in our answers to your expectations.

Our client portfolio comprises French subsidiaries of Canadian companies who have entrusted Deloitte, TAJ and InExtenso to deliver quality services to them.

A French desk located in Montréal strengthens communication and close level of cooperation that exists between our practices in each country.

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