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Financial reporting and audit

According to the legal structure adopted and certain size criteria (total balance sheet assets, revenues and number of employees), French companies are subject to statutory audit.

In France, the statutory auditors are appointed for 6 years and their appointment can be renewed.

  • Our audit methodology is a business-focused, risk-based approach that addresses the audit expectations of shareholders and management of multinational enterprises alike.
  • Close collaboration with a company’s accounting department will ensure that financial statements conform to the latest requirements and best practices.
  • Through rigorous testing of key controls, we can identify errors and control weaknesses, and propose practical corrective measures and improvements to include in our recommendations to management.
  • As auditors of many French subsidiaries, we are accustomed to communicating with the auditors of parent companies in an effective and comprehensive way in order to comply with the timetable and accounting policies required for the consolidation process.

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