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Expansion and realising value

If you decide to acquire a French company our corporate finance department can assist you. The experience of our consultants is based on a large number of transactions in a great variety of industries.

  • We can help you develop an expansion strategy and identify and evaluate target acquisitions in France.
  • We can carry out due diligence investigations in order to identify the risks and rewards associated with each target, or alternatively analyse information made available by businesses put up for sale.
  • Our methods are adapted to the French market, which allows us to make comparisons within the French marketplace and to propose suitable deal structures. We can advise on complex technical issues such as deferred consideration, earn out deals, minimising warranties and indemnities etc.
  • In due course we can assist with raising public finance or with preparing the business for divestment. We can also help you to dispose of non-core activities and advise on restructurings along the way.

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