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Accounts Payable Recovery

Recover overpayments and improve processes

Disbursements, through an accounts payable system, represent the single largest exchange of working capital in most corporations, as well as a large incidence of significant losses. A well-designed disbursement audit can identify and recover overpayments that take place within an accounts payable system.

The issues
The sheer volume of transactions processed through an accounts payable department inevitably leads to overpayment, despite the best computerized systems in the world. Common disbursement issues are:

  • duplicate billings and payments
  • discounts and credits not taken
  • payments to wrong vendors
  • payment of incorrect amounts and extras
  • payment for goods returned
  • payment for wrong quantities or unit price
  • vendor non-compliance to terms

Your challenges
There is a myriad of complex electronic, organization and human resource challenges that face an accounts payable system:

  • large volumes of transactions
  • price fluctuations
  • vendor contracts
  • new or updated A/P systems and processes
  • personnel turnover
  • resource constraints
  • internal policy communication

The Deloitte solution
Detailed examination of your accounts payable system is a challenge that Deloitte specialists undertake with exacting precision. Our solutions include:

  • advanced, electronic, proprietary technology
  • fast, confidential, informative, non-disruptive A/P system review
  • vendor contract review by senior consultant
  • client pre-approval of vendor claims
  • customized historical and cost containment reports

The Deloitte advantage
Deloitte is truly unique in offering a full range of services and solutions.

Our dedicated and specialized team consists of not only tax professionals, but also lawyers, government auditors, accounts payable and Workers' Compensation Specialists, former customs brokers and controllers from a wide range of industries. Each specializes in helping companies manage areas of complex domestic and international transactions and has the experience to comprehensively investigate all applicable issues.

This approach, combined with the latest in technology tools and the backing of our multi-disciplinary Deloitte global network, provides full support to our valued clients wherever they do business.

The Deloitte process

Phase 1: Pre-Examination

  • strategic planning
  • data retrieval
  • data integrity check
  • electronic pre-examination

Phase 2: Review

  • on-site review
  • initiation of recovery
  • recovery report presentation
  • value added reporting

Phase 3: Follow-up

  • hotline support
  • staff training
  • management reporting