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Indirect Tax Advisory Services

Manage the risk while improving your bottom line

Today’s successful companies include tax management as a vital component of strategic planning. Business success often starts with an understanding of indirect tax and structuring operations to ensure compliance while maximizing cash flow. By strategically managing indirect tax, organizations can limit large potential exposure and enjoy a competitive advantage in meeting cash flow projections and budget targets.

The issues
Calculate the percentage added by Goods and Services Tax, Retail Sales Tax, Excise Tax, and Customs Duties and you’ll soon recognize the significant cash flow represented by indirect tax in your business. Other issues to consider:

  • how indirect tax affects your cash flow requirements
  • your corporate risk associated with improperly managed indirect tax
  • understanding indirect tax at a variety of jurisdictional levels
  • keeping pace with new rulings and interpreting indirect tax in a fluid environment
  • the indirect tax implications emanating from complex contractual arrangements

Your challenges
Your major challenges may include:

  • balancing indirect tax payment schedules with receivables
  • minimizing exposure and reducing risks that multiply daily and invisibly
  • availability of resources for interpretation of various indirect tax jurisdictions
  • maintaining a contemporary knowledge of changing indirect tax regulations
  • minimizing indirect tax to gain a competitive selling advantage

The Deloitte solution
Deloitte advisors understand the intricacies of tax legislation and can help you maximize cash flow opportunities, minimize tax, and reduce your risk exposure. Our specialized services include:

  • indirect tax strategic cash flow planning
  • analysis of incoming and outgoing tax applicability
  • analysis of internal processing and approval of indirect tax applicability
  • audit preparation, assessment negotiations and notices of objection
  • outsourcing services and value-added ideas
  • comprehensive reviews
  • due diligence services associated with mergers and acquisitions and recommending structuring efficiencies

The Deloitte advantage
Deloitte is truly unique in offering a full range of services and solutions.

Our dedicated and specialized team consists of not only tax professionals, but also lawyers, government auditors, accounts payable and Workers' Compensation Specialists, former customs brokers and controllers from a wide range of industries. Each specializes in helping companies manage areas of complex domestic and international transactions and has the experience to comprehensively investigate all applicable issues.

This approach, combined with the latest in technology tools and the backing of our multi-disciplinary Deloitte global network, provides full support to our valued clients wherever they do business.

The Deloitte process

Phase 1: Analysis

  • review existing indirect tax cash flow
  • review current tax applicability policies
  • identify opportunities for improvement

Phase 2: Planning

  • develop an indirect tax strategic plan to maximize cash flow
  • prepare policies for application and approval of taxable goods and services
  • entrench procedures for voluntary disclosures to eliminate risk exposure

Phase 3: Implementation

  • introduce applications into your operational process
  • train and educate managers on applying effective indirect tax strategies