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The Risk Intelligent Approach to Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability

With business practices under increasing scrutiny by regulators, analysts, media and stakeholders, corporate responsibility and sustainability (CR&S) is fast becoming a critical issue for companies. Yet confusion exists over CR&S and the best approaches to it. Is CR&S mainly about charity? "Green" business? Human rights? Pro bono work? All of the above?

The 11th title in our Risk Intelligence series offers insight into why a strategically driven CR&S program is critical to a company's survival — beyond the "feel good" factor of charity — and outlines a Risk Intelligent CR&S approach.

Among the questions addressed in the paper:
• Where should companies focus their CR&S initiative?
• What activities should they be reporting on?
• What impact will CR&S have on their bottom line?
• What are the major risks?
• How can companies become Risk Intelligent in the ways in which they tackle these CR&S issues?

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