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Cloud Computing Solutions

Get your head around the Cloud

Cloud ComputingCloud computing is not a new concept. In some way or another, Cloud Computing has been around since the late 1960’s when JCR Licklider of ARPANET first had a vision to have everyone interconnected and accessing programs and data online. So why is there such a huge storm around cloud computing today? Why are so many businesses struggling to get around something that was conceptualised in the 1960’s?

The answer is simple; especially in countries where bandwidth is a constant battle. There has never been enough access to high-speed internet; couple this problem to the realities and complexities of cloud computing and you have a concept that is as difficult to pin down as mist on a midwinter’s morning.

This is all changing and cloud computing has never been more of an attractive means of computing! The critical area where business needs to be mindful is in their internal processes which may not be ready for the rocket launch into the clouds.

Cloud Computing is based on the convergence of Internet technologies, virtualisation, and IT standardisation. Cloud Computing provides users with elastic, scalable, and flexible IT capabilities, using on-demand provisioning and pay-as-you-go services.

We see Cloud Computing as the next step in the evolution of IT services. We expect continued growth and increased enterprise adoption of Cloud Computing, and a major shift in the IT industry which will disrupt suppliers and reshape vendor roles.

Cloud Computing is transforming enterprise IT from traditional structures to more nimble, flexible, and affordable architectures which have the potential to be revenue generating centers and not just cost centers.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing - Long Term Value Creation
Challenges of Cloud Computing
Cloud Computing - The Deloitte Approach
Cloud Computing Contacts

Benefits of Cloud Computing


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  • Flexibility – scale the solution as the demands peak or trough
  • Agility – quickly respond to market and competitor movements and assign computing as needed
  • Mobility – deploy your staff where needed and they can still gain access to critical systems
  • Efficiency – in both process and computing resources
  • Cost reduction – the above efficiencies translate into a significant cost reduction
  • Accelerated deployment – deploy solutions quickly
  • Scalability – scale your computing power to meet your data and bandwidth demands

We see significant IT industry disruptions resulting from the evolution of Cloud Computing and adoption of alternate sources of supply for products and services.

  • Enterprises are increasingly procuring Cloud Computing services which align with their operations risk tolerance.
  • Flexibility and speed to market are driving businesses to demand Cloud Computing solutions directly, consuming IT as a service, not as products, and creating de facto competitors for companies’ internal IT organizations.
  • For IT vendors, Cloud Computing is the new basis of competition, putting great pressure on incumbents.

The real power of Cloud Computing is in the potential to re-think and re-design IT architectures at a fundamental level. Companies that gain early experience will be best positioned to harness new architectural approaches to re-shape the broader business landscape. 

Cloud Computing - Long Term Value Creation


Cloud Computing architectures hold long-term potential to enhance IT's ability to provide significant business impact. Cloud Computing shows a path towards more dynamic and innovative IT capabilities, to support agile, flexible architectures and enterprise operations.


Deloitte can help you achieve rapid, rigorous deployment using our Enterprise Value Delivery for Cloud Computing method.


Cloud Computing

Elevated Growth
through higher sales traffic, unit volumes, average order size, purchase frequency, and faster adoption rates for new product launches  (expansion of business offerings), market share gains, and new partnerships, markets or segments.

Improved Marketability
with reduced costs of acquiring new customers, earning higher ROI, increasing sales through cost effective customer referrals and recommendations, and even lower price sensitivity to improve profit margins.

Expanded Market Share
by establishing market leadership with higher brand value and recognition, converting more customers to brand advocates, resulting in higher net promoter scores, and  a larger share of their wallet earned across multiple  sales channels and touch points.

Enhanced Productivity
concentrate on core business competencies through greater agility and standardisation leading to more efficient sales operations, effective processes and  enabling technology that improve sales conversion rates and reduce the level of efforts required on sales prospects and leads.

Increased Differentiation
enabling access to the latest technology and industry learning, creating more lock-in with new customers and building entry barriers for new competitors.

Prolonged Sustainability
creating sustainable operating margin and retaining and growing customer interaction efficiency leading to customers who are less likely to leave, stay with the company longer, demonstrate higher loyalty and satisfaction levels, and are more likely to participate in cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

Challenges of Cloud Computing


Data controls

Who owns the data? How is it to be used? Are controls in place?

Security and Privacy

How is security achieved? What is the level of privacy protection?

Audit & Assurance

Are there risk management controls to applications and data?

Tax and Legal

Can you meet needs for legal compliance and tax issues?

Backup and Disaster recovery

Are data backup, retention, disaster recovery practices sufficient?

Vendor "lock-in"

Is the vendor limiting interoperability or access to your data?

IT Operations

What IT services and applications are best suited for the Cloud?

IT Readiness

Are internal IT architecture and organisation structures “ready”?

Cloud Computing - The Deloitte Approach

In this new environment, Deloitte provides a comprehensive set of services for clients to adopt Cloud Computing. We can help clients migrate to Cloud Computing with an approach that balances risks while maximising opportunities.
Strategy, Architecture & Integration


Assists clients to develop and implement Cloud Computing, at every stage of adoption:
  • Cloud Computing planning and risk assessment
  • Strategy for Cloud Computing migration
  • Assist with implementation of Cloud Computing
  • Process enablement and expansion

Questions answered

Is it the right solution?

Are Cloud services cost-effective?

How do we seamlessly integrate the Cloud Computing service with our pre-existing IT landscape?

Data Governance


Assist clients to shape new governance frameworks to align to Cloud services, and help establish policies and comply with regulations, while keeping data secure and private.

Questions answered

Who owns the data? How is it to be used? Are controls in place?

IT Security, Risk & Compliance


Assist clients to set the balance between control and efficiency – to protect corporate data and personal privacy – with a framework to enforce the required rules, with a focus on "access management" and "trust“.

Questions answered

How do we manage risk and regulatory compliance when we no longer have control of infrastructure or data?

Tax & Legal Compliance


Align client’s tax processes to address potential issues and opportunities in this complex cross-border environment.

Questions answered

Can we gain tax benefits by using Cloud Computing services?
Our tax policies were crafted for traditional IT, not Cloud services?

Data Analytics


Assists clients to easily mine the intelligence embedded in their growing data warehouses. Services such as pricing studies and profitability analyses are shifting to the Cloud, with providers concentrating their specialised capabilities, automating the analytics process, and driving down the cost of gaining business insight.

Questions answered

Assists clients with an effective Change Management strategy. Teams can engage key stakeholders, evaluate change readiness, and implement approved initiatives – all the while providing strategies to accelerate understanding, speed up adoption, and transfer knowledge.

People, Change & Learning


How can I effectively analyse my data in the Cloud?

Questions answered

What are the staff implications of moving to the Cloud?



For additional information, please contact:

Dr. Mariana Carroll
Tel: +27 (0)11 209 6430
Kamal Ramsingh
Tel: +27 (0)11 209 8270



If you are unable to view the Cloud Computing brochure above, please read the text version here - Deloitte Cloud Computing

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