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Welcome to the Deloitte South Africa Insights & Ideas podcasts providing industry knowledge and expertise. The below podcasts are in mp3 format and can be downloaded to your mobile device, desktop computer or soon you can subscribe via iTunes South Africa. What is a podcast? 

Public Sector podcasts
Deloitte professionals have recorded podcasts which provide a local point of view on key issues which influence the Public Sector. More

Tracking the trends podcast
From volatile commodity prices to enterprise sustainability, the global mining industry will face daunting issues in 2010. Listen to the “Tracking the trends 2010” podcast and learn how to manage these challenges for better results. Click here to listen to the podcast

Energy Predictions 2010 podcast
Energy Predictions 2010 is the first in an annual series of predictions reports to be published by the Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Global Energy & Resources group. These predictions were developed based on in-depth interviews with clients, industry analysts, and the most senior energy practitioners from Deloitte member firms. The report is being released at a time when many economies – both developed and developing – are emerging from one of the deepest global recessions in the last 50 years. Given the number of challenges to be faced by the energy sector in 2010, this particular set of predictions is both timely and insightful. Click here to listen to the podcast.

The changing face of recruitment in these volatile economic times
Due to the current economic recession, permanent recruitment has taken a back seat making temporary placement a more attractive option. However, companies need to be cautions that they don’t end up in human resource crater when the upturn kicks in and in so doing sabotaging their upturn opportunities. Click here to listen to the podcast.

Graduate Knowledge and Skills Podcast
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There is an alarming knowledge and skills gap in graduates entering the workforce. This gap results in a need for additional training and preparation in order for the graduate to be a fully functioning asset to the organisation. Skill deficiencies have been made evident in literacy, problem solving abilities and a basic understanding of business. Click here to listen to the podcast.

IT Security podcast-Radio 702 interview with Kris Budnik
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Information Exploitation podcast
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Over the last century a lot have been written about the resources required to successfully manage a business. Although difficult to ascertain exactly when and by whom the 4M theory was first devised, the basic premise is that a successful business requires the management of four resources: men, machines, materials and methods.

The importance of managing Working Capital in the downturn
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As part of a strategy to counteract the effects on the bottom line of depressed revenue, companies are actively seeking ways to cut costs and improve cash flow. Improving working capital sits at the core of such an efficiency drive. One of the hurdles in effectively managing working capital is the disconnect between the treasury department and operating businesses. Click here to find out what the red flags of working capital are and how a company can address them.

Cutting costs in Application Management Services without effecting quality and efficiency.
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CIO’s are under immense pressure to cut costs during this economic downturn. Non essential activities need to be identified and more efficient saving tools need to be implemented. The option of outsourcing non core business activities needs to be considered in terms of service quality and the long term applicability to the company.

Executive remuneration during the economic downturn.
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As a result of pay and allocation decisions made some time ago, there has not been a considerable reduction in executive remuneration displayed in reports. However, due to the current economic times, a more balanced remuneration approach needs to be considered in order to better a line the interests of shareholders and managers.

Strategic Planning The importance of re-evaluating the strategic plan vs. cutting costs during the economic downturn.
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After a decade of growth in markets and returns, the economy is now in a downturn and strategic planning needs to be reconsidered. The risk of re budgeting instead of adjusting the strategic plan may result in a short term action mode with the focus on cutting cost and customer service and thus hindering future growth. Effective strategic planning can shield an organisation from the long term effects of the economic downturn. To find out more about re-strategising vs. cutting costs. 

Financing strategies that will see you through the downturn and prepare you for the upturn
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The days of easy credit are over. This podcast answers some very important questions like: What can companies do to ensure they have a financing strategy that will see them through the downturn and prepare them for the upturn?  What are the funding fundamentals we’ve forgotten about in the extended period of deep liquidity and easy credit that the world economy enjoyed up until July 2007 and how can we use them now to get through the downturn?

Strategic talent management during the downturn and preparing for the upturn
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Talent strategy should always be aligned with business strategy.  With many companies making fundamental changes to their business strategies (as a result of the economic downturn) so talent strategies need to change too. It is more important now than ever to manage talent effectively. 

Tax savings and grants during the downturn
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Several avenues for tax savings exist during the economic downturn. 

Realising savings out of corporate real estate
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During economic downturns organisations look to cut costs and save money where they can. We know that real estate is an area where companies can save money and cut costs. A real estate strategy is a vital prerequisite to building corporate competitiveness. Property assets need to be used efficiently and managed competently

Leadership behaviour during the downturn
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Business leaders are having to readjust significantly to ensure that South African businesses across all industries are sustained and survive through this economic downturn.  The manner in which leaders conduct themselves in times of crisis has a major effect on whether the organisation is successful in sustaining its value and emerging strongly in the upturn.

IT cost optimisation – Clean out the closet
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The economic downturn can be seen as an opportunity for companies to clean out their closets and position themselves for the upturn.  This podcasts address what we mean by this and also addresses IT risks the economic downturn brings along with it.

Infrastructure development in South Africa
Listen to Andre Pottas and Greg Barnes in the Corporate Finance division at Deloitte, being interviewed by Erika van der Merwe from Summit TV. They discuss the implications of infrastructure development in South Africa.
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Improving Financial Management in Government
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Mining Safety Podcast
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Public Sector Skills Development Podcast
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Listen to Sandile Gwala, Director at Deloitte Consulting and Cheryl James, CEO of FASSET, being interviewed by Ewald Muller, Senior Executive of Standards

Advanced Cost Allocation Podcast
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Chemistry of Talent Podcast
The chemistry of talent provides an integrated look at today’s compounding talent issues and highlights several innovative solutions that can help an organisation build and execute a winning talent strategy.
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Technology podcast
Technology has managed to evolve to the extent where what was previously considered as unthinkable is now the norm.
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