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Strengthening our culture

Embedding our values through The Deloitte Way

Through our Staff Commitment Survey, our staff told us in no uncertain terms that they wanted to be recognised. We had launched what we called our ‘Deloitte Way behaviours’ in 2005 which embodied our Deloitte culture and our values, but the feedback was ‘we love the Deloitte Way behaviours, but no-one acknowledges or recognises me when I proudly live the Deloitte Way!’

So we set out on a journey to ensure our staff would be recognised and to ensure we achieved our strategy to be a Magnet for Top Talent, a journey we called “Deloitte Way 2010 – our journey of excellence”.

With our Deloitte Way behaviours as our base, we sought to align these behaviours to our firm’s strategy so that all our staff would know what we were aiming for and what they would be recognised for. We built a cutting edge Web 2.0 system which would enable every Southern African Deloitte employee to access our Deloitte Way Staff Engagement and Recognition Programme and to nominate anyone in the firm they felt was proudly living the Deloitte Way.


What each staff member sees when they log in to our Deloitte Way staff engagement and recognition programme

Deloitte Way Top Achievers set the standard for excellence

Our Deloitte Way staff engagement and recognition programme enables each member of Deloitte Southern Africa to nominate any of their colleagues across the Southern African firm. Each nomination requires a motivation which acts as feedback and initial recognition to the person being nominated. Once a nomination is input, both the nominator and the person nominated are sent a text (to their cell phone) congratulating them on their nomination, as well as an email. This allows a staff member to feel immediate recognition. Nominations are then approved by a Panel of Peers and points are automatically calculated by the programme and allocated to the person nominated.

On a quarterly basis each business unit recognises their Deloitte Way Top Achievers based on the Deloitte Way 2010 top points earners, with the presentation of awards. Every six months, the firm then recognises the Deloitte Way Top Achievers from each business unit and regional office.

In addition to recognising our staff, our Deloitte Way programme also enables our firm’s leaders to engage with all our staff, and our staff to engage with our firm’s leadership, on strategic issues. Staff can give their feedback on how they think the firm is doing in achieving our strategic drivers. This regular feedback allows our leadership to identify possible areas of concern and take timely corrective action, as well as to identify successes and achievements for celebrating.

According to Allen Swiegers, chief operating officer and executive sponsor of The Deloitte Way, “Our strategy is focused on building value for our clients and making Deloitte a magnet for top talent. Being a magnet means that we not only attract the best people, but keep them. We plan to do this by making Deloitte a place where all our people are engaged in our strategy and appreciated for their contributions to its success.”


Strategic Drivers

Deloitte Way behaviours

Exceptionally Client Centric 

I consistently exceed my clients expectations • I treat my clients with professionalism, respect and appreciation

Enhance the Brand 

I stand for and stand up for Deloitte • I grow the Deloitte reputation through my personal actions and behaviour • I confidently play my role in building the reputation of Deloitte as a firm of excellence • I am consciously aware that my actions directly impact our performance

Lead Transformation 

I ensure Deloitte feels like a professional home for all - a place where everyone has true equal opportunities to be all they aspire to be • I have the courage to speak out and act in support of fair and respectful behaviour • I am inclusive in my approach to work, sharing of information and arranging of social activities

Continuously Innovate

I take initiative in driving continuous improvement • I challenge the traditional way we do things and find better ways to do them • I implement new ideas that add value to Deloitte • I drive process improvements to improve efficiency and effectiveness

Be Agile 

I respond swiftly to the needs of my clients and my team • I seek to take advantage of opportunities while acting responsibly

Magnet for Talent 

I treat everyone with respect and appreciation • I proactively share information • I support others in their development and give direct and honest feedback • I work and celebrate with my team • I value the ideas, views and inputs of my colleagues • I create balance and enjoyment in the workplace and add positive attitude and energy • I identify, recognise and celebrate successes • I encourage others to express and use their unique strengths and capabilities

Grow the Business 

I actively and responsibly seek growth opportunities for the broader firm

Contribute to Society and the Environment

I support the sustainable upliftment of our communities • I encourage others to get involved in the sustainable uplift of our communities • I visibly demonstrate that I care for the environment

Our Ideal Deloitte

Some years ago, through a highly collaborative process, the partners and directors of Deloitte wrote down vision statements of what their ideal firm would look and feel like, in essence defining our culture.

Over 800 vision statements were collated and summarised, and in 2004 the partners and directors adopted and launched their collective vision statement for the Southern African firm, known widely as “Our Ideal Deloitte”.

Our Ideal Deloitte

We are proud to work for a firm where our brand is synonymous with uncompromised integrity, ethical practice and quality, and where we are the undisputed leaders in professional service. We leverage our multidisciplinary approach to the distinct advantage of our stakeholders.

Our firm is truly transformed.

We are our firm’s greatest assets and we work with people of exceptional talent and skill. Our leaders trust, respect and listen to us. We are given the opportunity to develop and excel in our work, and are encouraged to have fun. We are motivated to perform at our best.

We try to get it right better, faster and more often than anyone else. We work hard to build value for our clients and exceed expectations.

We work for the best firm in Southern Africa.

That firm is Deloitte.

Our Deloitte.


Deloitte Best Company to Work For Awards

Deloitte proudly celebrated its tenth anniversary of the Deloitte Best Company to Work For survey in 2009.

The survey, which has grown in size and stature over the last decade, is the leading survey of its kind in the region, allowing participating companies to benchmark themselves against each other and in their industries to set the standard as the best employers.

Apart from the employer brand eminence achieved from being recognised amongst South Africa’s top companies to work for, participation in the survey allows companies to gain valuable insight into what drives their employees, in particular their critical talent – what attracts them, what motivates them, and ultimately what retains them. While policies and procedures are an important factor their existence alone is not the driving force behind the engagement and retention of key talent. Rather, it is the quality of employment experience offered by the organisation and how this aligns with employee needs and expectations.

At the awards function, which took place on Tuesday, 29 September 2009, three companies emerged as South Africa’s best employers as rated by their employees. Santam was placed first in the large company category (>2500 full time employees), McDonald’s was placed first in the medium company category (301-2500 full time employees) while the Automotive Industry Development Centre was placed first in the small company category (50-300 full time employees).

Over the past year we have noticed a significant increase in the time and effort survey participants are devoting to building and refining their employer brands – that combination of factors that differentiates each company as an employer and shapes the perceptions of past, current and even prospective employees. In most instances this investment decision has been based on the need of these companies to clearly set themselves apart from their competitors by making explicit the employee value proposition they have to offer. Many have already experienced a dual benefit, namely, an increase in the number of high quality unsolicited job applications, in a market where key talent is not actively looking for alternate employment opportunities, and increased levels of reported motivation and commitment from existing employees.

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