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Deloitte Discovery

Most of today’s companies would not be in business without the technology that allows them to instantly create, send, search, retrieve, and store data. However, this benefit can also be a burden, particularly when there is a need to manage and review that data in the course of litigation or investigation.

An entire business dispute, commercial investigation or multimillion pound litigation may hinge on identifying when a single piece of data was communicated, generated, altered or deleted, by and to whom, and under what circumstances.

The process of collecting, reviewing, and producing electronic and/or hard copy documents to uncover the facts relating to illegal acts, bad business practices, or fraud, can be time consuming, costly, and exceptionally high risk.

How we can help

The Deloitte Discovery team is a global group of over 200 specialists assisting clients in local, national and international cases.

Our highly experienced professionals assist clients in addressing the technological challenges of today’s complex investigation and litigation environments by implementing thoroughly practical approaches supported by specialist technology and processes.

Knowing that each circumstance is unique and not suited to a simple “one size fits all” solution, our Deloitte Discovery team works with clients to develop and tailor the appropriate resources, approaches and technologies for each situation.

Our Computer Forensics specialists provide a range of services including:

  • collecting data in a wide range of formats and media (including hard copy) from national and international locations;
  • navigating IT systems to uncover information that may be recoverable from computer hard drives and backup tapes, including active, deleted, hidden, lost or encrypted files, or file fragments; and
  • preserving all data to be stored in a locked, fireproof safe for evidentiary and chain of custody purposes.

Our Data Analytics specialists provide a range of services including:

  • assisting the client in locating, scoping, acquiring, testing and verifying data;
  • applying DTect, our in-house developed forensic software, to compare structured data from many disparate sources within an organisation (general ledger, payables, receivables and HR) and comparing it to fraud profiles and external reference databases;
  • combining the concepts of data mining with the skills of our experienced forensic accountants and former law enforcement officers to assist our clients in proactively identifying and detecting anomalies within their data; and
  • providing visual and analytic tools to identify people, events and timelines.

Our E-Disclosure specialists provide a range of services and technologies including:

  • identifying and capturing which data is potentially important and responsive;
  • specialist software and processes to implement ‘legal information hold’ requests;
  • early case assessments;
  • high speed filtering of data;
  • highly secure access to specialist state of the art review software ‘hosted’ in a Deloitte Data Centre;
  • language recognition;
  • conceptual searching; and
  • case support.


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