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Risk Intelligence White Papers

Explore strategic risk

300 companies around the world say their view of strategic risk is changing. Read our latest survey report, Exploring Strategic Risk, which details how executives are managing strategic risk. Then, take our benchmarking quiz to see how you stack up.

Fundamental Principles Series

Enterprise compliance: The Risk Intelligent approach
This new book explains the key components of an enterprise compliance program, including the tough questions board members are asking.

Risk Intelligent enterprise management: Running the Risk Intelligent Enterprise
Issue No. 2 in the Risk Intelligence Fundamental Principles series defines the building blocks of a risk-informed approach to running an enterprise – and identifies the key people and processes that should be involved in an effective risk management program.

Putting risk in the comfort zone: Nine principles for building the Risk Intelligent Enterprise™ 
Issue No. 1 in the Risk Intelligence Fundamental Principles series gives information about the nine principles of a Risk Intelligent Enterprise™, as well as insights and practical steps for incorporating the concepts within your organization.

Risk Intelligence Skills Series

Shaping a Risk Intelligent strategy: Confronting assumptions to find risk and opportunity
This new whitepaper proposes a simple yet powerful framework for challenging deeply held assumptions to test – and, ultimately, strengthen – an enterprise’s strategy.

Risk Intelligent decision-making: Ten essential skills for surviving and thriving in uncertainty
This article from the Summer 2010 edition of Deloitte Review introduces an unconventional, “risk intelligent” approach to risk management and decision making.

Surviving and thriving in uncertainty: Creating the Risk Intelligent Enterprise
A book that presents 10 Risk Intelligence skills to help senior executives and boards get smart about risk management.

Risk Angles

Risk modeling
This edition of Risk Angles discusses the challenge, impact, and strategy of risk modeling and takes a closer look at the role of model simulation in enhancing decision making.

Five questions on compliance
This edition of Risk Angles answers five questions on the evolution of the compliance function and the emerging risks compliance executives are focused on today.

Five questions on social business
This issue of Risk Angles answers five questions on social business risk and takes a closer look at compliance-related risk.

Five questions on exercising risk oversight
This edition of Risk Angles answers five questions on how boards of directors can sharpen their focus on risk and takes a closer look at global practices regarding board-level risk committees.

Five questions on financial crime
This issue of Risk Angles answers five questions on financial crime and takes a closer look at the use of Big Data to proactively address fraud risk.

Five questions on aligning risk and value
This issue of Risk Angles answers five questions on aligning risk and value. Then, takes a closer look at how the financial services industry is addressing risk.

Five questions on the impact of tax risk
This issue of Risk Angles discusses five questions about the growing concern over tax risk and examines one of the drivers of that concern, FATCA.

Five questions on strategic risk
This issue of Risk Angles answers five questions about strategic risk and offers fresh insights on how companies can use strategic risk analysis to both protect and create business value.

Five questions on the evolution of cyber security
This issue of Risk Angles discusses how an evolutionary approach to cyber security is key to staying ahead of cyber criminals — and the competition.

Five questions on risk-adjusted forecasting and planning
This issue of Risk Angles discusses an approach to forecasting and planning that analyzes and tests multiple risk variables to help executives present forward-looking numbers with greater confidence.

Five questions on enterprise compliance
In this issue, Donna Epps offers some thoughts on questions executives ask her most frequently about enterprise compliance. Then, Nicole Sandford takes a closer look at the pros and cons of a centralized versus decentralized enterprise compliance program.

Five questions on supply chain risk
In this issue, Kelly Marchese, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP answers five of the questions she hears most frequently regarding supply chain risk.

Five questions on retaliation risk 
In this issue, Robert Biskup, director, Deloitte Forensics, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP offers some thoughts on questions executives ask him most frequently about this issue.

Five questions on risk assessment
In this issue, Dr. Patchin Curtis, director, Deloitte & Touche LLP offers her thoughts on some questions the executive team should consider asking about the risk assessment process.

Five questions on business risks related to water and other critical resources
In this issue, William Sarni, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP, offers his thoughts on some questions commonly asked about water-related business risk.

Five questions on corporate governance and risk
In this issue, Nicole Sandford, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, offers her thoughts on some questions commonly asked about the role of the board as it relates to corporate governance, risk and culture.

Five questions on managing risk in midst of volatility
In this issue, Mark Carey, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP answers some important questions on managing risk in the midst of volatility.

Five questions on the possibility of corporate tax reform — and the risks it could introduce
In this issue, Jonathan Traub, principal, Deloitte Tax LLP offers his thoughts on some questions commonly asked about tax reform and the risks that could come with it.

Five questions on cultivating a Risk Intelligent culture
In this issue, Eddie Barrett, director, Deloitte Consulting LLP and Scott Baret, partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP answer some important questions on developing a Risk Intelligent culture.

Five questions about applying analytics to risk management
In this issue, Vivek Katyal, principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP answers five questions risk leaders are frequently asking today about how best to apply analytics to risk management.

Five questions about managing cyber risk
In this issue, Rich Baich, principal, Security and privacy, Deloitte & Touche LLP answers questions about actions executive leaders and board members should take to manage and mitigate cyber threats and more.

Five questions on current trends in compliance risk management
In this issue, Robert Biskup, director, Deloitte Forensic at Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP takes stock of some of the latest leading practices in compliance risk management

Five questions about reputational risk
Join Jonathan Copulsky, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP and author of the recent book, Brand Resilience: Managing Risk and Recovery in a High-Speed World, as he answers questions about reputational risk.

Five questions about risk committees
Join Henry Ristuccia, partner and co-leader of Deloitte’s Governance and Risk Management Services group, as he answers questions about board risk committees.

Risk Intelligence Series

Issue No. 26: The Risk Intelligent General Counsel: Discard the compass and get a GPS
This new whitepaper can assist you in orienting your organization toward a new approach to legal, regulatory, and ethical risks. It starts with seeing where your organization is, where you want it to go, and how to get there.

Issue No. 25: Supply chain resilience: A Risk Intelligent approach to managing global supply chains
Supply chain resilience provides a framework for identifying and analyzing all forms of supply chain risk.

Issue No. 24: The Risk Intelligent Chief Compliance Officer: Champion of Risk Intelligent compliance
Demanding regulatory environments require effective compliance risk management. A Risk Intelligent Chief Compliance Officer can help make compliance the smart investment that it should be.

Issue No. 23: Risk Intelligent governance in the age of cyber threats: What you don’t know could hurt you
This new paper describes how a company’s approach to four specific “leading practices” in cybersecurity can give both executives and the board of directors valuable insights on its cyber risk management strengths and weaknesses.

Issue No. 22: A Risk Intelligent view of reputation: An outside-in perspective
This new paper, developed in collaboration with RiiЯ Ltd., explores how your company can use Risk Intelligence to support a much-needed and valued "outside-in" perspective that helps identify sources of reputational opportunities and threats on an ongoing basis.

Issue No. 21: Pursuing Risk Intelligence in a rapidly changing industry
Delve into the risks that challenge effective operations planning and decision making in the pharmaceutical industry.

Issue No. 20: The Risk Intelligent CFO: Converting risk into opportunity
The twentieth title in our Risk Intelligence series provides a framework to help CFOs develop a more strategic vision and approach in taking the right risks - and taking the right amount of them.

Issue No. 19: Creating a Risk Intelligent infrastructure: Getting Risk Intelligence done
The essential enabler for sustaining a Risk Intelligent Enterprise management approach.

Issue No. 18: The People side of Risk Intelligence: Aligning talent and risk management 
Examines how risk and talent both play such a large part in creating enterprise value.

Issue No. 17: Effective integration, enhanced decision making: The Risk Intelligent tax executive Examines how the role of the tax executive — and that of the entire tax function — is being transformed by the growing presence and importance of tax risk.

Issue No. 16: Risk Intelligent governance: A practical guide for boards 
Exploring six key areas of governance focus that can help strengthen risk management practices and increase shareholder value.

Issue No. 15: Intensive risk, elusive value: A Risk Intelligent executive’s guide to security and privacy 
A useful guide to help business leaders assess their organization’s Risk Intelligence and enhance approaches to security and privacy. 

Issue No. 14: Risk Intelligence in a downturn 
A useful guide in the efforts to enhance value through effective risk management – both during the recession and beyond.

Issue No. 13: The Risk Intelligent technology company
Intelligent risk management can help technology companies continue to reach their growth objectives.

Issue No. 12: The Risk Intelligent board: Viewing the world through risk colored glasses 
The 12th title in our series provides a thoughtful perspective on the risk management issues boards should be concerned with and how to adopt a Risk Intelligent approach.

Issue No. 11: The Risk Intelligent approach to corporate responsibility & sustainability 
Looking beyond the “feel good” factor of charity.

Issue No. 10: The Risk Intelligent IT internal auditor 
A Risk Intelligent approach for elevating Information Technology (IT) internal audit.

Issue No. 9: Urgent convergence: Fostering Risk Intelligence in the Technology, Media and Telecommunications Industries
New markets, alliances and products multiply risk for technology, media and telecommunications companies.

Issue No. 8: Risk Intelligent approach to outsourcing and offshoring 
Threats increase as companies rely more on third parties.

Issue No. 7: The Risk Intelligent energy company: Weathering the storm of climate change 
Identifying key climate change risks.

Issue No. 6: The Risk Intelligent CIO: Becoming a front-line IT leader in a risky world 
Practical guidance on leveraging technology to intelligently manage risk.

Issue No. 5: The Risk Intelligent Chief Audit Executive 
A unique opportunity for enterprise-wide risk management for chief audit executives.

Issue No. 4: The Risk Intelligent life sciences company
As risks converge in the life sciences industry, the task of management becomes more difficult and more essential.

Issue No. 3: The Risk Intelligent Enterprise™: Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) for the energy industry
Learn about a comprehensive and integrated approach to risk management for the energy industry.

Issue No. 2: Risk Intelligence in the age of global uncertainty 
How can companies separate the real dangers from the imagined?

Issue No. 1: The Risk Intelligent Enterprise™ — ERM done right
What characterizes a Risk Intelligent Enterprise™?

As risks rise, boards respond: A global view of risk committees
How prevalent are board-level risk committees and what factors might be contributing to their use globally? Read Deloitte’s new global research report which examines 400 large public companies in eight countries to find out.

Risk transformation
Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value.

Outsourcing amid complexity
Risks and challenges organizations should consider at each key phase of the outsourcing lifecycle, from defining the strategy to managing ongoing operations.

Risk Intelligent proxy disclosures – 2013: Trending upward
What board level risk-related practices are companies disclosing?

Aligning risk and the pursuit of shareholder value
This whitepaper presents the business case for achieving risk transformation and presents the issues that executives and boards should consider addressing.

Balancing the risk-return equation
How CFOs can use risk-adjusted forecasting and planning to protect and enhance value, boost confidence, and manage risk.

Risk assessment in practice
This new paper developed by Deloitte in collaboration with COSO, presents a process for developing a risk assessment criteria, assessing risks and risk interactions, as well as prioritizing risks. It also discusses how to actually put this process into practice in a simple, practical and easy to understand way. 

Nine principles of a risk intelligent enterprise
Learn the nine principles that can help Federal agencies and commercial organizations alike measure their organization’s risk management framework and approach to risk.

The Risk Committee resource guide for boards
This guide was designed to assist boards that are considering, establishing or maintaining a board risk committee.

Risk Intelligent proxy disclosures 2011
Deloitte conducts second year analysis of risk disclosures in proxy statements of S&P 200.

Aftershock: Adjusting to the new world of risk management
Read our survey report conducted by Forbes Insights on behalf of Deloitte which details the responses of 192 executives on how they are responding to a volatile, highly changeable risk environment. Then, take our 3-minute benchmarking quiz and see how you stack up.

Risk Intelligence special editions
Unique resources for building the Risk Intelligent Enterprise™.

Risk Intelligent proxy disclosures: Transparency into board-level risk oversight
Learn more about Deloitte's analysis of 398 proxy statements to identify reported risk oversight practices.

Optimizing value from your business relationships
Learn how a risk intelligent approach to managing the extended enterprise can help companies preserve the value of their contracts and move forward even with economic challenges.

Less risk, greater rewards: Taking a Risk Intelligent approach to your employee rewards program 
Gain insights into Risk Intelligence and employee reward risks, and how to develop an effective risk management program.

Finance Transformation: Building a Risk Intelligent finance function 
Addresses ways companies and top financial executives can successfully manage competing priorities and risks threatening their organizations.

Insights for Chief Audit Executives in consumer business 
Incorporating risk information into core decision-making processes for consumer business companies.

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