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Business Analytics: Insights from Consumer & Industrial Products

The consumer and industrial products sub-industries have all entered a new era, or wave, of technology innovation that is emerging at an exponential pace.  This 'new normal' will produce a relentless amount of opportunities to harness the data from these technological and digital innovations, and convert to analytics to deliver new insights and knowledge in every aspect of the enterprise.  Winners and losers will be defined in this new era as a result of companies becoming more digital, and data and analytical maturity will emerge as a key to competitive advantage for existing and emerging players.

Deloitte Analytics helps consumer & industrial products, process & industrial products and retail companies gain insights from this rapid-pace of technological and digital innovation, and take action to move their business forward.  Leveraging this insight, companies can better understand their customer base and develop innovative products and services that drive retention of their most profitable customers, as well as draw new high-value customers—and do it efficiently and cost-effectively.

Consumer & Industrial Products

A case for proactive pricing
Deloitte helps a multi-national food and beverage company develop an enterprise-wide strategic pricing framework, bolstering the value and impact of product pricing for the company and its retailers.
No pain, more gain inventory diet
A global food and beverage company trims working capital through inventory optimization using Deloitte’s inventory analytics solution, Inveritas by DeloitteTM.
Cultivating tomorrow’s analytics enterprise
A CPG manufacturer pinpoints data analytics as a strategic imperative to double its top-line over the next decade.
Changing course
A Caribbean based food & beverage company turns to Deloitte to glean analytics-driven insights from the company’s operational and sales data.
Product failure is not an option
A three-pronged solution addressing variability, visibility and velocity in the supply chain puts a CPG company on the path to $35M in cost-of-quality reductions.
Aerospace & defense cost management: New techniques for new cost challenges
Innovative techniques are required to navigate the challenging cost environment for manufacturing companies. Learn more about advanced analytical tools that are providing the means to enhance traditional cost management strategies.
Deloitte's Polaris solution can help businesses in targeted sectors drive high-value pricing performance by combining proprietary algorithms, sector-specific data models, and predictive analytics to harness the power of information.
Time by design
Manufacturing executives recognize the benefits that come from delivering their products more quickly—reduced operating costs, freed-up capital, increased revenues, and improved competitiveness. Time by Design solution helps executives prioritize and target areas that hinder performance.
Formula for growth: (Innovation)Big data & analytics
The consumer products industry is entering an era of rapid technological and digital innovation – fueling an enormous amount of “Big” data – having the potential to transform and even disrupt. This “new normal” will require strong analytical competencies to harness the value of Big Data.
The three-minute guide to analytics for manufacturers
Many business trends—such as globalization, vertical integration, and margin pressure—are forcing manufacturers to find new and innovative ways to improve decision-making and boost performance. Analytics can help.


Customer engagement solution
Deloitte's Customer Engagement Solution can help retailers head-off attrition and solidify relationships by tapping customer insights that can only come from understanding their entire shopping experience.
The three-minute guide to customer analytics for retail
As retailers have pushed into new sales channels, it has become more difficult to track and manage the customer experience. But today’s analytics tools are able to bridge the gap, drawing in data from siloed data sets to create a more complete understanding of the customer experience through their eyes.
Retail sales
Some retailers act as if their e-commerce business and in-store business are entirely separate. But in reality, it’s the same customer who’s buying online and in stores. One of the most powerful things a retailer can do is to bring their siloed data sets together to better understand their customer and persuade her to buy. Watch our take.
More retail analytics insights
Retailers need advanced analytics applications throughout their operations – from front offices and supply chain systems, to financial planning and forecasting functions, and all the way to the sales floor – to gain competitive advantage.


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