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  • Wizards and trolls: Accelerating technologies, patent reform, and the new era of IP (September 2014)
    Not long ago, protecting intellectual property was primarily the purview of technology and pharmaceutical companies. More recently, however, industries in the path of these accelerating technologies have begun to find themselves grappling with an urgent and often critical need for IP fluency. To learn more, read the full article.
  • Three ways analytics can help Chief Legal Officers (July 2014)
    Like the other parts of a business, legal departments depend on high value, defensible information that can be used to answer some of their toughest questions. Just as important is the ability to dissect large data sets quickly, so that they can focus on what’s important: winning. To learn more, watch the video.
  • Managing corruption risks in India (May 2014)
    While India presents increasing investment opportunities, foreign companies in India face some unique challenges. This report focuses mainly on the corruption landscape, associated risks and the need for implementing an effective anti-corruption compliance program in India. To learn more, download the full article.
  • Legal Billing and Predictive Coding (March 2014)
    Legal Billing and Predictive Coding discusses innovations in analytics and predictive coding which have introduced new possibilities to the traditional Uniform Task-Based Management System (UTBMS) codes used in the billing and analytics process. To learn more about the impact on legal spend management, the challenges and advancements associated with UTBMS codes, and how to get more from your UTBMS codes, download the full whitepaper.
  • The Risk Intelligent general counsel (January 2014)
    The legal and regulatory terrain has gotten rougher, yet the general counsel must not only keep up, but stay ahead. The Risk Intelligent general counsel provides a fresh perspective on legal and regulatory risk governance and management to understand their potential impact on the finances, reputation, and future of the business. Download the whitepaper for additional insights.
  • Discovery Insights: 5 questions on data breaches and incident response (December 2013)
    In today's digital world, the response to a data breach is both critical and complex. As organizations prepare for threats by strengthening their network security measures, they should simultaneously seek to improve their incident response programs. Read the interview for additional insights.
  • Minimizing goodwill impairment differences globally (November 2013)
    A crucial exercise for acquisitive businesses is to routinely assess the goodwill booked in an acquisition to determine whether there has been any impairment and, if so, how much. It is apparent that in recent years there have often been notable differences in goodwill impairment conclusions across the world. So what is the root cause or causes of these differences? Read the report to explore some of these issues for insights.
  • U.S. economic forecast (October 2013)
    The October 2013 U.S. Economic Forecast, from the Deloitte University Press, shows growth starting to accelerate in the middle of next year and enjoying two very good years in 2015 and 2016. The forecast also examines the trends and events that are influencing consumers, housing, business investment, foreign trade, government, labor markets, financial markets, and prices.
  • Changing the law firm operating cost paradigm (September 2013)
    Improving efficiencies and cost management is an important aspect of evolution. A firm should simultaneously improve operations and maintain appropriate service to the attorneys and internal customers that they support to better serve their clientele. This article discusses how law firms which are undertaking service delivery transformation are at the forefront of the legal industry and leading the competition into a brave new world of efficiency and profitability.
  • A framework to help general counsels manage increasing risks (August 2013)
    Protecting the enterprise and its shareholders from legal and regulatory risks has long been fundamental to the role of the general counsel, but as the number and severity of risks have increased, so has the GC's risk management responsibilities. Learn how a risk framework can help GCs fulfill their risk-related responsibilities, as well as help with their interactions with executives and board members, and how to put the framework into practice.
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