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  • Digital Democracy: A multi-generational view of consumer technology, media and telecom trends
    Deloitte's Digital Democracy survey compares and contrasts generational preferences in the U.S., revealing significant technology, media and telecommunications consumption trends including attitudes and behavior to advertising and social networks, mobile implications, media consumption preferences across platforms and devices, and the Internet.
  • The era of the (digital) omnivore is upon us: For home or work, it's about content and personal use cases, not technology
    There's a new class of digital consumer, Digital Omnivores (consumers who own a laptop, smartphone, and tablet), and they're bringing their preference for device usage to the enterprise. Learn more about the Digital Omnivores' impact on the enterprise IT experience.
  • From invisible to visible to measurable: Social analytics extends enterprise performance improvement
    Social media can help companies open communication channels up, down, and across the enterprise to gain data-driven insights and improve business outcomes.
  • Shared spectrum: GSMA/Deloitte report explores options for mobile broadband
    A new report from the GSMA, an association of mobile operators and related companies, indicates that shared spectrum can complement — but not
    replace — the need for exclusive-access spectrum in the provision of mobile broadband.
  • The next revolution: Why the impact of mobile is at least as big as the Internet
    Explore how your company can use mobility to put information where it is needed and move decision-making to the site of impact.
  • TMT Predictions 2014 – What's ahead in Tech, Media and Telecom?
    This annual publication presents Deloitte's view of the major trends over the next 12–18 months that are likely to have significant impacts for companies primarily in TMT but also across other industries.
  • 2014 outlook on telecommunications
    Continued, robust growth in connectivity demand, persistent security challenges and continuing innovation in devices and services are among the trends facing the telecommunications industry in the coming year, according to Craig Wigginton, vice chairman and U.S. Telecommunications leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP. Read on for his perspective on trends to watch and steps to take in 2014.
  • Global mobile consumer survey: U.S. edition
    Are U.S. consumers apathetic about apps? When it comes to smartphones, could bigger be better? How do consumers feel about the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend? When choosing a mobile device, how great a consideration is price? The results aren’t what you might think – and keeping abreast of ever-changing consumer preferences is key to success in the fast-paced mobile ecosystem.
  • Coherency in contradiction
    We exist in a world of contradictions. The urge to resolve contradictions is human nature. Yet contradictions can be viewed as opportunities to simultaneously explore two paths in ways that complement each other. Explore how to navigate the conflicting pressures brought on by technology advances and globalization.
  • Some (re-)assembly required: How technology is changing the shape of business services
    With the promise of new analytics capabilities, the cost benefit of the cloud and the complexity of more mature business models, many companies are waking up to realize that operational choices that once made sense may now seem obsolete. In order to optimize the value of technological innovation and advancement, executives may want to consider a strategy shift to an integrated global business services operating model.
  • Cyber in the boardroom: Time for a Cyber Chair?
    While the true cost of cybercrime is not easy to tabulate, its impact is quickly drawing increased attention. As a result, Boards of Directors have a responsibility to take a more active role to ensure that management protects and maximizes the value of their digital assets both within and outside the company walls.
  • Rising tide: Exploring pathways to growth in the mobile semiconductor industry
    Multiple drivers of growth are converging on the mobile semiconductor industry. To compete in the mobile 4G era, it will be important for companies to transition from traditional, closed business models to a more open, collaborative approach, using open innovation and platform leadership strategies to gain ground in emerging mobile growth markets.
  • Driving 4G adoption for carriers in Latin America
    Latin American mobile operators are making major investments in 4G to improve competitive stance and meet anticipated demand for mobile data. Explore the opportunities and challenges with an emphasis on pragmatic steps to increase 4G adoption in Latin America.
  • Success or struggle: ROA as a true measure of business performance
    Declining return on assets (ROA) doesn’t fit with the stories commonly reported about firm performance and the business environment. This report aims to help executives better understand how the underlying mismatch between institutional structures and the evolving business environment have deteriorated firms’ abilities to thrive.
  • From exponential technologies to exponential innovation
    Through a virtuous cycle—technological improvement enabling innovation, which in turn serves as a platform for further technological improvement and innovation—exponentially advancing digital technologies have led to exponentially accelerating innovation. The resulting marketplace disruptions make the environment increasingly difficult to navigate, but can also open the door to great opportunity.
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