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In the News: The Power of Pull

Media Hits for The Power of Pull

The articles and videos below feature some of the media coverage for The Power of Pull. Learn more about Deloitte’s Center for the Edge.

Profit From Experience With a Second-Act Career
Investor’s Business Daily | February 11, 2013
By Michael Mink

Something's Happening Here
The New York Times | October 11, 2011
Op-ed written by Thomas L. Friedman

My Big Fat Career
The Economist | September 10, 2011
How individuals can survive in the new world of work

Five Ways to Hold the Right Kind of Attention
Harvard Business Review Blog | April 5, 2011
Blog by John Hagel II and John Seely Brown

Corporate Strategy: Down the Tubes on the Road to Nowhere | March 11, 2011
Discusses about the strategic debate in a typical Fortune 500 company.

Do Unions Have a Right to Negotiation? Or is that the Wrong question?
Carol Sanford | February 24, 2011
The Power of Pull
speaks to the importance of agency and provides examples of the approaches people have taken to develop it.

Fix The Deficit? Grow The Economy, Stupid!
The Leader's Guide to Radical Management | February 22, 2011
Studies such as Deloitte’s Shift Index show that management in the US private sector is in sharp decline...

Fighting The Right War | February 20, 2011
Studies such as Deloitte’s Shift Index show that the return on the assets of U.S. firms is only a quarter of what it was in 1965...Business leaders can learn what is involved in the ongoing reinvention of management from books like The Power of Pull...

What’s wrong with bean counting? | February 18, 2011
The qualitative description of decline is confirmed by long-term statistical studies of business from Deloitte’s Center for the Edge: The Shift Index 2010.

What The Sale of NYSE Means: The Decline of Management | February 15, 2011
Studies such as Deloitte’s Shift Index show that management in the US private sector is in sharp decline...

Digital Media - New Learners Of The 21st Century Extended Interview: Dr. John Seely Brown
PBS | February 13, 2011
John Seely Brown on the importance of play & collaboration in a constantly changing world...

Booked: The Power Of Pull | September 2010

Interview with author John Hagel on his book and the benefits of forming business relationships.

Reading: The Power Of Pull | September 2010
Author John Hagel reads an excerpt from his book regarding serendipity, and how to use social networks to shape serendipitous encounters.

Today You Can Only Be A Leader By Creating Leaders | September 22, 2010
This article by John Hagel discusses what kind of leaders will we need to address the changes sweeping the global business landscape.

Keen On...with Hagel and Seely Brown: Building a New Normal (TCTV)
TechCrunch | September 8, 2010
In interview with Andrew Keen, Seely Brown and Hagel talk about the pull economy as fundamentally changing every aspect of 21st century life – from business to education to politics to social activity.

John Seely Brown at Gov 2.0 Summit
OreillyMedia | September 7-8, 2010
John Seely Brown interviewed at Gov 2.0 Summit talks about his book The Power of Pull.

Washington Post | July 27, 2010
Open innovation is in the air. However, when executives pursue efforts to connect beyond the boundaries of the firm, they tend to focus on short-term, relatively narrow problem-solving efforts.

In Search of Serendipity
The Economist | July 22, 2010
A discussion of the concepts captured in The Power of Pull and how companies may need to embrace new concepts in the future.

Pull Power
The Atlantic | July 21, 2010
Richard Florida, author of The Creative Class, offers a look at The Power of Pull.

How Playing Videogames Can Boost Your Career
Oliver Chiang | July 19, 2010
This article focuses on the benefits gaming can provide for career development. John Hagel III provides examples of how individuals can leverage game playing attributes to enhance their career.

The Power of Pull
Aspen Ideas Festival | July 5-11, 2010
A recording of James Fallows moderating a session at the 2010 Aspen Ideas Festival featuring John Hagel.

From Push to Pull: How to Navigate the ‘Big Shift’ Reshaping the World
Consulting Magazine | July 8, 2010
John Hagel III sits down with Consulting Magazine to discuss The Power of Pull.

The Modern Corporation: It's About People, People
Business Week | June 29, 2010
Helen Walters looks at the modern corporate and the role people play.

The Power of Pull In the Clouds
Cnet | June 25, 2010
An article based on the interview with John Hagel by Dave Rosenberg.

Push, Pull and Stasis
ZDNet | May 26, 2010
Oliver Marks takes a look at The Power of Pull alongside other recent publications on the topic of pull.

Digital Divide | May 20, 2010
Companies innovating with "pull" technologies are on the edge of a broad shift in business design, says a co-author of a new book, The Power of Pull.

John Hagel on "Invisible Innovation"
Business Week | May 18, 2010
Helen Walters of notes The Power of Pull is this year’s must-read book on innovation.

Are You Pushing in a Pull World? | May 4, 2010
A great review of The Power of Pull by the staff at MIT Sloan Management Review.

Success or Failure - How's Your Power of Pull?
CNBC | May 3, 2010
John Hagel III, John Seely Brown and Lang Davison present a summary of The Power of Pull and provide specific examples of companies trying to leverage pull platforms.

The Power of Pull: Joe Ito And Yossi Vardi - Have Pull, And So Can You
Tech Crunch | April 24, 2010
Highlighting specific examples from The Power of Pull, this book summary provides an overview of the key concepts in the book. 

Small Moves Equal Big Changes
ITConversations | April 13, 2010
This recording of an interview with John Hagel provides a deeper look at The Power of Pull.

Why Companies Should Become More Extrovert
Financial Times | April 13, 2010
John Gapper of the Financial Times leverages ideas from The Power of Pull to discuss “Why companies should be more extrovert?”

The Power of Pull
HBR | April, 2010
Robert D. Kaplan describes The Power of Pull as “an exhilarating” read.

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