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CFO Article Archive: Industry

Deloitte writes and compiles a regular stream of CFO-centric content and timely features, including research, topical digests, perspectives, and insights and technical analyses, in a special section of CFO Journal, an online publication from The Wall Street Journal.

The articles below and others are available in PDF. Also see our CFO Insights bi-weekly thought leadership.

Making succession planning for hedge funds effective

Understand some of the critical elements of succession planning and leadership transition for hedge funds and different approaches that can be taken.

For life sciences: Understanding M&A costs in emerging markets

Many aspects of valuing life science acquisitions in emerging markets can differ by region or country. Learn how CFOs can help business development teams assess the potential cost of acquisitions and ownership in emerging markets.

Hedge funds: Managing new pressures in the year ahead

As the makeup of hedge fund investors has tilted dramatically toward institutional investors over the last decade, understand the implications of this and other developments for planning in 2013.

Commercial real estate outlook: Top 10 issues in 2013

Deloitte's 2013 Commercial Real Estate Outlook examines the top 10 issues facing CRE executives and how new technologies, analytics and expansion into select emerging markets can help drive growth.

Banking industry outlook: M&A and the competitive landscape

Learn 10 issues that will play an important role in reshaping the banking industry’s M&A strategy, as well as the competitive landscape in 2013.

2013 power and utilities industry outlook

Moderating demand for electricity and requirements for heavy capital expenditures are challenging conventional wisdom about where the U.S. electric power sector may be headed, prompting some companies to reassess strategies.

2013 outlook on media and entertainment

Media and entertainment companies will likely find opportunities for growth and innovation by exploiting the capabilities for rapid response, personalization and interaction enabled by social media and mobile.

2013 outlook on oil and gas sees growth in natural gas supply outpacing demand

Understand developments that might impact oil and gas markets in 2013, as well as strategic considerations for industry executives as they position their companies to profit from the growth in unconventional oil and gas resources.

2013 outlook on the technology sector

In 2013, technology companies are expected to be focused on conserving cash and exploring acquisition opportunities with innovative startups that have not gained market traction.

2013 outlook on health care providers

Health care providers are looking to health information technologies to improve operational efficiency and patient care in 2013 as they continue to transition from fee for service to outcome-based reimbursement.

2013 outlook on life sciences and the challenge of driving sustainable growth

For life sciences companies, achieving sustainable growth will likely require innovation, a broad strategy for comparative effectiveness and a program to support commercial activities.

Growth and innovation: Critical issues for the retail sector in 2013

Growth and innovation are two of the top issues many retailers will confront in 2013 as they face moderate growth in domestic markets, more informed, budget-conscious consumers and consistent pressure from shareholders.

2013 consumer products industry outlook

For consumer products companies, managing and innovating through the climate of uncertainty will likely require new approaches in today’s fast-evolving marketplaces.

2013 health plan industry outlook includes considerable M&A activity

Health insurance exchanges will figure prominently on the agendas of health plans in 2013, influencing most aspects of their strategies and operations, including M&A activity.

Insurance spotlight: Transition—is the finish line in sight?

Deloitte’s “Insurance Spotlight” summarizes the FASB’s and IASB’s decisions on the transition provisions related to the insurance contracts project and highlights industry perspectives on these decisions and other matters.

Financial services companies bolster security amid evolving cyber threats

Information security at financial services companies is showing improvement, but at a potentially unsustainable cost, according to the 2012 Global Financial Services Industry Security Study from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited.

Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts hold risks and opportunities for P&C insurers

Storms like Sandy present challenges to P&C insurers but also opportunities for industry CFOs to work more closely with chief claims officers and chief compliance officers in scenario planning and data sharing.

Managing vendor risks: Three lines of defense for banks

As banks increase their use of vendors, it’s important to understand the potential risks of outsourcing, related regulatory issues, and approaches, tools and capabilities to help gauge and manage those risks.

For aerospace and defense CFOs seeking growth: Look to emerging markets

Learn how emerging markets, technological advances and M&A are creating new opportunities and challenges for aerospace industry CFOs and reshaping strategies.

The special challenges facing aerospace and defense CFOs and how they are managing them

Tom Captain, vice chairman and leader of Deloitte LLP's U.S. Aerospace & Defense industry sector, discusses the challenges facing CFOs in the A&D industry and what they are doing to plan for a changing environment.

Deloitte annual holiday survey: Smartphone shoppers help make retailers’ registers jingle

Deloitte's annual holiday survey of consumer spending intentions and trends finds smartphones may be among retailers' strongest allies during the 2012 holidays.

In the wake of Sandy: Steps CFOs can take to facilitate the insurance recovery process

CFOs whose organizations were impacted by Hurricane Sandy can assist in the insurance recovery process by establishing a claims strategy, communications with insurers, an insurance recovery team and procedures for loss accounting to segregate costs.

Health care cost management: Ways CFOs can get ahead of the curve

Learn ways CFOs and companies can reduce the costs of their employer health care plans while contributing to employees' improved health.

For insurers looking to reduce costs, size and consolidated finance operations matter

Deloitte's 2012 Individual Life & Annuity Operations Benchmarking Studies. found that cost consolidation of finance, offshoring and outsourcing can be effective ways to reduce insurers’ cost structures.

Reducing fraudulent claims and their costs

Companies outside the insurance sector can learn from the steps it has taken to reduce the cost of claims fraud and mitigate potential future increases.

Firming oil prices, distressed opportunities in natural gas assets may boost dealmaking

A report from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions points to reasons for cautious optimism for increased dealmaking in North America in the last half of 2012.

A risky scenario: Disruption of group health insurance

Watch Deloitte Insights to learn how the growth of the new individual market for purchasing health insurance could disrupt the health insurance industry.

Three strategies for thriving under Dodd-Frank

To thrive In the post Dodd-Frank era, financial institutions may find benefits in creating an enterprise-wide regulatory 'air traffic controller,' restructuring the business and increasing transparency through analytics.

An update on the Dodd-Frank executive compensation and corporate governance provisions

The SEC is less than half way through to issuing final rules on executive compensation and corporate governance, as required by Dodd-Frank, yet it’s important to understand where the legislation stands.

How CFOs can prepare for the new world of health care

Paul H. Keckley, executive director of the Deloitte Center for Health Solutions, offers CFOs insights on the ACA’s potential impacts on cost, revenues and compliance, as well as opportunities and challenges.

A look at value-based pricing for pharmaceuticals

Value-based pricing may offer pharmaceuticals and other life sciences companies considering moving away from a volume-based model a number of benefits, including long-term stability.

Seven takeaways on Dodd-Frank’s impact on compensation

Seven observations about Dodd-Frank’s potential impact on compensation can offer CFOs and other banking executives new insights into effectively using metrics and IT systems.

Five takeaways on Dodd-Frank’s impact on living wills

Five observations on Dodd-Frank’s impact can help financial services executives understand where they should be focusing when it comes to living wills, such as investments in data management.

Practicing innovations in health care delivery

Implementing an accountable care organization that aligns incentives with the value of care delivered requires sharing information and analytics to monitor the performance of providers and the system, and other core elements.

Health care CEOs’ perspectives on the future

Data from interviews with 24 CEOs of acute-sector hospitals and multi-hospital health systems provide insights into where CEOs expect to concentrate efforts to respond to a challenging environment.

Triggering events could spark insurance industry M&A

Insurers should understand the triggering events that could increase M&A activity and have a strategy to enhance assets, improve market position and embed M&A process knowledge.

Top 10 challenges to insurance M&A activity

The issues that put a damper on insurance industry deal-making last year, along with other challenges, could do the same throughout the second half of 2012.

Five take-aways on Dodd-Frank’s impact on stress testing

Observations on forecasting models, data requirements, governance, capital assessment and alignment between regulatory and accounting definitions can help banking executives understand where to focus in the age of Dodd-Frank.

Three keys to M&A effectiveness for aerospace & defense

Making M&A central to a company's growth strategy; targeting companies whose business models enhance market power; and limiting acquisitions to manage integration demands can increase M&A effectiveness, according to a Deloitte study of A&D industry M&A activity.

SEC clarifies hedging ramifications of changes to derivative contracts made in response to Dodd-Frank

Deloitte's Financial Reporting Alert discusses clarification issued by the SEC on whether modifications made to derivative contracts in response to Dodd-Frank provisions would affect an entity’s hedging relationships.

Convergence: A transforming business model for the life sciences industry

Convergence is helping to transform the life sciences industry, and CFOs have a major role to play in the process, as discussed by R. T. "Terry" Hisey, vice chairman and U.S. Life Sciences leader for Deloitte LLP.

Leveraging technology trends for financial services

Bringing together trends in social business, mobility and gamification can unleash product innovation, extend brand loyalty and change the customer experience.

First aid for health care companies in distress

Health care companies can better diagnose their problems and prepare for restructuring by examining funding sources for operations, access to capital and the level of cash and liquidity.

Life sciences: An analysis of SEC comments to issuers

SEC comments to life sciences industry registrants focus on revenue recognition, R&D expenses, capitalized prelaunch inventory, business combinations and intangible assets, patent considerations and contingencies.

Enterprise risk management for energy companies: Know your risks

Learn how some in the energy industry are applying enterprise risk management practices and how sophisticated tools can help in identifying emerging risks.

Unconventional resources expected to fuel oil and gas deal market in 2012

The biggest driver of energy industry investment continues to be enabling technologies that have unlocked the potential of shale resources, according to the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions.

Life sciences’ changing landscape: The challenge for CFOs

R. T. "Terry" Hisey, vice chairman and U.S. Life Sciences leader for Deloitte LLP, discusses the trends transforming the life sciences industry and how CFOs can help their organizations stay competitive.

How insurance company CFOs can leverage growth opportunities in 2012's challenging economy

The insurance industry faces the fundamental need to change how it does business in an increasingly virtual market to meet consumer expectations around products, distribution, service and technology, as discussed in Deloitte’s 2012 Global Insurance Outlook.

The shale gas boom: Implications for CFOs

Peter J. Robertson, an independent senior advisor to the Oil & Gas group of Deloitte LLP, offers his insights on the shale gas boom and implications for CFOs of producers and end-users.

Large shale gas supplies could mitigate exports’ impact on U.S. natural gas prices

According to a report from the Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions and Deloitte MarketPoint LLC, the U.S. is likely to be able to support projected domestic demands for natural gas and LNG exports with a minimal price impact.

The Volcker rule: Banking and investment management M&A catalyst?

While prohibiting banking entities from certain activities, the Volcker Rule permits market making, underwriting, engaging in risk-reducing hedging and transacting in government trading.

2012 commercial real estate outlook: Globalization, macroeconomics and market fundamentals are top issues

Potential impediments to the commercial real estate market’s rebound in 2012 include looming debt maturities, as well as economic uncertainty in the U.S. and abroad.

Managing amid regulatory uncertainty in the insurance industry

Despite regulatory uncertainty, insurance industry CFOs can position their organizations to prepare for, and respond to, the various scenarios that could come to pass.

Five ways to improve management reporting

Despite the plethora of data, CFOs may not get the insights they need for decision-making. Effective management reporting focuses on the trends and business drivers that affect performance and value creation.

A new risk landscape for tech companies doing business in Asia

Tech companies doing business with third parties in emerging markets can mitigate risk by reviewing their processes for onboarding third parties and through ongoing risk assessment.

Major forces reshaping banking: Highlights from the financial services M&A symposium

Larger bank holding companies are expected to pursue transactions in Europe and certain emerging markets in 2012, while consolidation among small and midsize domestic banks is likely.

Younger business travelers to fuel 2012 corporate travel

Millennials and Generation X professionals expect to take to the road more often than their baby-boomer generation counterparts, according to a Deloitte survey of business travelers.

Hedge fund focus: Leading practices in risk assessment

CFOs can help hedge funds take their risk management programs to the next level by incorporating leading risk assessment practices.

Countering energy price increases with an energy management strategy

Developing an enterprise-wide strategy that treats energy as a manageable asset can help improve the efficiency of facilities and operations and offset the effect of future energy price increases.

M&A due diligence under the Volcker rule

The Volcker Rule creates potential challenges for buyers and sellers of financial institutions, requiring strong due diligence to achieve objectives and prevent franchise-damaging transactions.

The Volcker rule: The impact on banking M&A

The Volcker Rule could bring with it a range of M&A scenarios for the financial services industry, including a rise in international banks entering the U.S. market.

Long-term trends look strong for oil & gas M&A market

Strong demand for oil and growth opportunities in shale and deepwater are signaling a robust M&A market in the oil and gas industry.

Mobile banking: Challenges, opportunities and leading practices

Leading practices in mobile technology for banks include developing integrated channel strategies to reduce costs, increase revenue growth and create an integrated sales and service experience.

Navigating a fractured future: Insights into the North American natural gas market

Rising demand for natural gas and potentially higher than expected natural gas prices over the next 10 years have important implications for CFOs of gas producers as well as for CFOs of major natural gas consumers.

Finance transformation for insurers

Amid economic uncertainty and new regulations, some insurers are turning to their finance organizations to support operating strate¬gies and provide meaningful data and insights to help create value.

Life sciences and emerging markets: Know your risk

Emerging markets can provide attractive growth opportunities for life sciences, however, companies should proceed with caution as discussed in Deloitte’s Insights.

Improving the yield on Technology/Media/Telecom industry investment portfolios

Companies in the telecom, media and technology industry can increase their investment effectiveness with improved risk management and governance of their investment portfolios.

Pricing pressures tie with industry regulation and legislation for CFOs’ top industry concerns

Pricing trends, industry regulation and legislation were the dominant industry challenges for CFOs responding to Deloitte’s CFO Signals™ 2Q 2011 survey.

Analytics for insurers: Hindsight, insight and foresight

For insurers, applying analytics and getting maximum return on the implementation is a complex process that requires support from the top down, including CFOs.

Strategic positioning for a dynamic consumer products M&A market

The re-emergence of mergers and acquisitions and the continuing consolidation in the consumer products industry have game-changing implications.

Leveraging analytics in the banking industry

Learn how banking organizations can leverage data to gain insight, improve decision-making and find growth through the application of business analytics.

New trends in consumer products M&A pose opportunities, challenges

By understanding the trends driving M&A activity in the consumer products industry, CFOs can help their companies take advantage of emerging opportunities and address challenges.

The future of consumer lending: Big need means big opportunity

Tune in to this episode of Deloitte Insights to learn about a survey conducted by the Deloitte Center for Financial Services and the opportunity a new consumer segment represents for banks.

Accountable care organizations: Rewards and challenges for providers

To bring down the costs of health care, Accountable Care Organizations are gaining momentum as one of several ways to align physicians and hospitals so they can assume more risk, meet government reforms and reduce inefficiency and waste.

Regulation, pricing and competition lead CFOs’ industry challenges

Regulation was cited as a top industry challenge by CFOs across all eight sectors responding to Deloitte’s CFO Signals™ Q1 2011 survey.

Manufacturing M&A: Doing deals in a reset world

With economic recovery expected to move slowly and organic growth opportunities somewhat limited, many companies are viewing M&A as essential to achieving growth targets.

Strong oil and gas M&A activity expected to continue

Buyers came back in force to the oil and gas market in 2010, boosting M&A activity to levels last seen in the pre-recession days of 2008.

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