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Welcome to Innovation Times: The Federal Blog Archive

Welcome to Innovation Times: The Federal blog

Join featured blogger, JR Reagan, Federal Chief Innovation Officer, Principal, Deloitte & Touche LLP, and others as we discuss innovation topics, emerging trends and leading practices.


Community property: The new economy of sharing

Posted by JR Reagan, July 31, 2013
Digital natives—the generation that’s never known a world without the Internet and mobile technologies are just two of the forces that are shaping the behaviors surrounding ownership, developing an economy of collaborative consumption.

Redefining identity in the digital age

Posted by JR Reagan on July 17, 2013
Thanks to technology, social media, and the vast amounts of data being collected, the very notion of identity is going through some seismic changes that will continue to play out over the coming years.

The data are coming, The data are coming

Posted by JR Reagan on June 28, 2013
There’s no dispute, data volumes are growing exponentially. Huge amounts of data are generated every hour of every day, and this data comes from an ever-increasing variety of sources.

Flipping the on/off switch

Posted by JR Reagan on June 20, 2013
The line between our online and offline worlds gets less visible every day — a world where we interact via social media more than we do in person.

Are we creating a digital landfill?

Posted by JR Reagan, June 13, 2013
The amount of data we generate has reached staggering levels, and it’s not expected to slow down. But how much of the data that we generate is actually useful?

Mobile’s a serial killer

Posted by JR Reagan on June 11, 2013
Designed to free us from the tethers of wired phones, mobile devices are becoming more feature-rich and making a dent in our reliance on earlier types of phones.

Silicon what? 

Posted by JR Reagan on May 29, 2013
There’s a new crop sprouting in states long known for their amber waves of grain. In the great plains and America’s Midwest dubbed “Silicon Prairie.”

Getting to cyber resiliency

Published by on May 28, 2013
Information knows no borders; no single entity, company, organization, or government can guarantee or protect it. The status quo methods of maintaining cyber security just aren’t up to the task.

Time to let the guard down?

Posted by JR Reagan on May 17, 2013
The workplace is changing with ambitious and tech-savvy millennials. At the top are the revered “old guard,” but is it time for them to drop their guard?

The dating game: Partnerships for the future

Posted by JR Reagan on May 10, 2013
The growing complexity of social and economic challenges is driving new, innovative forms of collaboration between governments and businesses.

The clothing industry wants the shirt off your back

Posted by JR Reagan on May 02, 2013
Emerging technologies are cropping up in the retail clothing industry, intending to provide garments that fit without visiting a fitting room, or relying on inconsistent sizing.

The digital divide: Generation gap or a chasm?

Posted by JR Reagan on April 26, 2013
This brief history of U.S. culture now has a new demographic to add to its list: the post-Internet generation—a generation that doesn’t know a world without laptops, tablets, and cell phones.

Rise of the citizen scientist

Posted by JR Reagan on April 18, 2013
New projects enlisting the help of “citizen scientists” make headlines nearly every day—and there are literally thousands of ongoing ventures—witness the rise of the citizen scientist.

How the internet is changing higher education

Posted by JR Reagan on April 11, 2013
Revolution. Innovation. Disruption. Transformation. The Internet is shaking up higher education and innovative educators are trying to figure out the college education of the future.

Time for a more user-friendly government

Posted by JR Reagan on April 4, 2013
Changes in the political, societal and economic realms are driving government leaders to rethink how they design and deliver public services for the future. Adopting the digital approach can help the public sector enhance customer experience to their citizens.

The next generation of problem solving

Posted by JR Reagan on March 21, 2013
There aren’t quick fixes for many of the problems we face today. But there are platforms for change and innovation that are working to address them, platforms that solicit input from customers and citizens alike.

The face of innovation: What does an innovator look like?

Posted by JR Reagan on March 13, 2013
A passion to innovate can be found in laboratories, in corporate boardrooms, and at elite universities. It’s found among geniuses and savants, in executives and college professors.

Design as a discipline

Published by The Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal website on February 13, 2013 
How taking a deliberate approach to design may help CIOs build a culture of innovation in IT.

Information security: Visualization as a tool for CISOs

Published by The Wall Street Journal, CIO Journal website on January 24, 2013
Visualization software may help CISOs identify information security threats and prevent attacks on their organizations.

The art of the possible

Posted by JR Reagan on August 08, 2012
Business has changed, and there’s no going back. To understand and leverage the flood of data coming in, there’s a critical need to see it; see what it means; what it can do.


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