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Dbriefs: Recently Archived Webcasts

Financial Executives | Transactions & Business Events

2014 Mid-year Outlook: Driving Growth in the Age of Global Uncertainty
August 27, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
While the U.S. economy appears to be stabilizing, there is increasing uncertainty about economic events elsewhere. What is the current forecast for companies engaging in transactions or facing critical business events? Gain new insights into the fiscal and regulatory environments, uncertainties that still lie ahead, and factors that could potentially help your business drive growth.
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Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Global Trends in Venture Capital: Is Investor Confidence Growing?
August 27, 1:00 PM ET (17:00 GMT)
Facing continued uncertainty in the global economy, how do venture capitalists feel about investing at home and abroad? The answers may surprise technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) executives. Hear results of Deloitte's 2014 Global Confidence in Venture Capital Survey and explore potential impacts of these results on TMT businesses.
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HR/Tax Executives | Global Mobility, Talent & Rewards

FATCA: Practical Implications for Mobility Programs and International Assignees
August 21, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Many U.S. multinational businesses have analyzed Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) requirements from a benefit plan sponsorship perspective. But what about tax exposure for your mobility program and international assignees? Understand potential tax risks your company's mobility program and international assignees may face when FATCA takes effect.
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Industries | Retail & Distribution

Consolidated Oversight: Enterprise Compliance and the Modern-Day Retailer
August 21, 11:00 AM ET (15:00 GMT)
As retailers seek to expand their product categories outside their core business to drive growth, compliance risks increase exponentially, often without clear lines of risk ownership. How can a consolidated approach help address these risks within complex and decentralized organizations with varied approaches to risk oversight? Learn how retailers can take a consolidated approach to enterprise compliance to create process and resource efficiencies that will drive brand value.
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Financial Executives | Driving Enterprise Value

Supply Chain Leadership: Distinctive Approaches to Innovation, Collaboration, and Talent
August 20, 3:00 PM ET (19:00 GMT)
Supply chain management is a fundamental element of competition between businesses because it determines a company's costs, quality, and agility. What distinguishes supply chain leaders from followers and in what areas can companies improve their supply chain capabilities? Learn ways in which supply chain leaders and followers differ and how leadership traits can lead to above-average revenue growth and profit margins.
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Industries | Oil & Gas

U.S. Shale Game of Choices
August 20, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
The U.S. shale market is challenging strategists at oil and gas companies by drawing them into a complex game of choices. How will the shale game evolve over the next few years, and how could that evolution progress across the energy value chain to shape the industry structure in the long term? Explore issues impacting development of the shale gas market over the next few years.
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Private Companies

The 3D Opportunity for Private Companies: The Impact on the Future of Production
August 19, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Additive manufacturing – the technical term for 3D printing – is showing enormous potential, both for manufacturers and consumers. But does that mean it is good for all privately held manufacturers? Explore the world of additive manufacturing and ways that mid-size and private companies can benefit from it.
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Industries | Banking & Securities

SEC Rule 613, Consolidated Audit Trail: Is Your Organization Making Necessary Preparations?
August 14, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
SEC Rule 613 represents a paradigm shift in the regulation of U.S. capital markets. Market participants will need to capture and retain granular trade detail at the beneficial owner level across multiple asset classes and the trade order life cycle. How can you prepare? Learn more about how Rule 613 will require transformation of an organization's approach to the design and support of regulatory reporting and surveillance.
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China Issues

Evolution in China's Retail Sector: Understanding the Competitive Landscape
August 14, 11:00 AM ET (15:00 GMT)
An unprecedented transformation is underway in China's retail sector, as the country's economy shifts gears to stimulate consumer spending by its rapidly growing middle class. Understanding how this transformation will play out requires an understanding of China's complex retail ecosystem. Explore the latest developments in China's retail sector and what these changes could mean for your business in the years ahead.
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Tax Executives | Transfer Pricing

Addressing Location-Specific Advantages in Asia Pacific: Increasing Application of the Profit Split Method
August 13, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
With location-specific advantages (LSAs) dominating transfer pricing in India and China, how should multinationals determine additional profit sharing from global value chains attributable to LSAs? Could LSAs assume relevance in other Asia Pacific countries? Gain new insights on LSAs and ways to prepare for potential tax authority review.
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Industries | Health Sciences

Navigating the Rapidly Evolving Social Media Landscape in Health Care
August 12, 1:00 PM ET (17:00 GMT)
Social media has changed the way health care organizations connect with consumers and other stakeholders. But as health care organizations pursue social media-related opportunities for disease state awareness and prevention, patient engagement, and gathering insights through social listening, what types of reputational, compliance, and regulatory risks arise? Explore the opportunities and obstacles that exist in the new social health landscape.
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Industries | Consumer Products

The Big Data Boom: Disruptive Trends for Consumer Products CMOs
August 12, 11:00 AM ET (15:00 GMT)
Chief marketing officers (CMOs) often set the bar when it comes to applying analytics to specific challenges – especially in consumer products companies. How can big data, visualization, predictive modeling, and other new technologies create analytics-driven opportunities for these companies? Explore how consumer products CMOs can use analytics to deliver tangible and timely value for their organizations.
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Industries | Real Estate

The Evolving Cyber Risk in Real Estate: A Growing Imperative
August 07, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Real estate services firms are increasingly using smart industrial control systems that are highly automated, integrated, and standardized. Why would cyber criminals or hactivists attack these systems and what types of business disruption and physical, or reputational damage, could they cause? Explore evolving cyber risks for real estate companies and potential implications across development and maintenance of facilities.
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Technology Executives

DevOps: Retooling the End-to-End IT Model
August 07, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
For decades, IT departments have helped other areas of the business automate and integrate core processes, but not necessarily their own. How can real-time DevOps help transform your company's IT model by bringing together the IT organization's build and run responsibilities? Explore how a culture shift to DevOps can help IT organizations drive efficiency and respond to business needs with speed and agility.
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Tax Executives | Multistate Tax

Employment Tax Credits and Incentives: Putting America Back to Work
August 05, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Federal, state, and local governments offer various economic incentives encouraging businesses to hire and train Americans, especially from groups who face barriers to employment. Is your company leveraging available opportunities? Learn ways to cost-effectively hire and train a 21st Century workforce through economic incentives, and hear insights from Brig. Gen. Michael P. Fleming on veteran hiring, retention, and advancement.
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Financial Executives | Transactions & Business Events

Wizards and Trolls: Accelerating Technologies, Patent Reform, and the New Era of IP
July 31, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Accelerating technological advancement and a quickly evolving patent environment are a few ingredients of patent wars between innovating Wizards, patent aggregating Trolls, and unprepared incumbents. How can intellectual property (IP) strategy and management help companies address far-reaching effects of the battle? Hear from leading IP specialists to understand the converging forces that are raising the urgency on IP management and to explore options for responding.
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Tax Executives | International Tax

International Tax Update: Focus on Australia and Overview of Recent Developments Around the World
July 31, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Aligned with the global focus on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS), Australian legislators and tax authorities have taken recent steps aimed at protecting the country's corporate tax base. What should multinationals be aware of? Learn about these potentially far-reaching changes in Australia and other recent important developments in international tax around the world.
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Private Companies

Moving On Up Now – Practical Steps for Preparing To Sell Your Business
July 30, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
After years of growing their businesses, some entrepreneurs struggle when the time comes to sell. How can private company owners streamline the sales process and find a more direct route to their next adventure? Explore options for cashing out of your business when it's time to move on.
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Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications

Adapting to Rapid Technological and Economic Changes: Practical Steps for 21st Century Businesses
July 30, 1:00 PM ET (17:00 GMT)
Interconnected technologies and economies create constant tension and change for 21st century businesses. How can technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies look beyond efficiency and embrace learning as a means to grow stronger from market challenges? Learn how TMT companies can evolve and thrive in today's fluid world.
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Industries | Insurance

2014 Insurance M&A Mid-Year Update: Momentum Continues to Build
July 29, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
With a recent uptick in transactions, insurance industry mergers and acquisitions may well accelerate during the second half of 2014. Is this momentum sustainable? Gain a fresh perspective on issues reshaping the insurance landscape in 2014 and beyond.
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Tax Executives | Tax Controversy

IRS Tax Examinations: A Focus on International Issues and Practical Preparations
July 29, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
The IRS continues to focus its enforcement efforts on cross-border activities of U.S. businesses. What areas should companies be aware of today to be better prepared for a possible audit? Learn about the latest IRS international examination focus areas and practical ways to prepare for future audits.
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