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Dbriefs: Recently Archived Webcasts

Financial Executives | Governance, Risk & Compliance

From Board Room to War Room – Lessons Learned from Recent Cyber Attacks
July 23, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Increasingly sophisticated and agile, the cyber underworld is launching both indiscriminate attacks and ones aimed at the hearts of organizations. How prepared is your organization to respond to this business crisis? Gain insight into cyber threat trends from real-world cyber incidents, and learn why most organizations are vulnerable.
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Industries | Power & Utilities

Electricity Customers: Informed, In Charge, and Seeking Greater Choice and Control
July 23, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Energy management initially came on the scene in the U.S. as a cost-cutting measure in response to the Great Recession. With the U.S. economy largely perceived to be stabilizing, what are businesses now doing about it? Hear results from the 2014 Deloitte reSources Study that may help executives in energy companies and other businesses as they make decisions about energy-related investments and business issues.
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Industries | Federal & State Government

Global Defense and Security Outlook 2014: Balancing Security and Prosperity
July 22, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Defense budgets and policies reflect macroeconomic choices – not just military requirements. What do recent developments around the world portend for global security? Hear fresh insights about emerging defense choices that can help policy makers and business leaders improve security and well-being for people around the world.
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Financial/Tax Executives | Financial Reporting for Taxes

Life Cycle of an IRS Examination and Potential Impacts on Financial Statements
July 22, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
The impact of an IRS examination on a company's financial statement can be difficult to analyze. What do you need to know to properly account for and disclose the potential impact of any tax authority examination? Learn how IRS examinations should be considered in financial reporting – two separate yet related areas.
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Tax Executives | Tax Operations

The Transformation of Tax: Something Big Is Happening Here
July 17, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Tax executives face growing demands to transform their tax department's capabilities, shift their focus, and add value. But what does transformation really mean for the tax department? Learn steps companies can take to effectively prepare for and undertake tax transformation.
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Industries | Insurance

Overcoming Speed Bumps on the Road to Auto Insurance Telematics
July 17, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
As more insurers develop usage-based programs and new players consider entering the market, what obstacles might they face in profitably leveraging telematics data while overcoming consumer and regulatory concerns? Learn ways insurance companies can benefit from telematics while navigating potential potholes or speed bumps.
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Industries | Travel, Hospitality & Leisure

Building Enduring Relationships with High-Frequency Hotel Guests and Millennials
July 17, 11:00 AM ET (15:00 GMT)
How loyal are your high-frequency guests...really? What do millennials want from a hotel experience and what makes them loyal? Explore results of Deloitte's annual hotel loyalty research and gain insights into building long-lasting customer loyalty with high-frequency business and leisure travelers.
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Financial Executives | Driving Enterprise Value

Navigating the Next Wave of Globalization: New Imperatives for CFOs
July 16, 3:00 PM ET (19:00 GMT)
After nearly three decades of growth, globalization is undergoing radical changes. What major trends should CFOs consider? Explore business trends, and the opportunities and risks they create, that may impact your organization for years to come.
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Industries | Banking & Securities

The Small Business Segment: A Ripe Opportunity for Expanded Primary Bank Relationships
July 15, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Although small businesses are experiencing solid, if not stellar growth, they still face challenges. How can banks leverage small businesses for growth, and in what specific areas could opportunities lie? Learn how this revitalized segment can provide banks with growth opportunities.
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Industries | Health Sciences

mHealth, eHealth, and Telehealth: Converting Disruption into Opportunity
July 15, 1:00 PM ET (17:00 GMT)
New technologies offer the potential to lower costs, reduce utilization, generate revenue, and increase operational efficiency on the business side, while supporting care coordination and delivering better outcomes on the clinical side. How can virtual health be leveraged to transform an industry? Explore the changing world of health care from physical office spaces to the world of virtual health care.
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Technology Executives

What CIOs Can Learn From Venture Capitalists About Driving Business Growth
July 10, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Increasingly, CIOs are shifting from a world of known problems to one filled with unknowns. What can CIOs learn from venture capitalists to address this challenge and drive business growth and innovation? Discover how venture capitalist approaches can help CIOs reshape the business of IT.
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HR Executives

Corporate Learning Redefined: Preparing for a Revolution
2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Today's learning leaders are required to develop more people at an accelerated pace and with greater personalization of learning for diverse audiences. Yet at the same time, they are asked to do those things in a just-in-time mode while also being compelled to do more with less. How are leading organizations tackling these challenges? Discover how leading companies are addressing new opportunities to develop today's and tomorrow's workforce.
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Tax Executives | Federal Tax

Corporate Tax: Recent Developments and Other Hot Topics
July 09, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
The IRS and U.S. Treasury Department issued final regulations and other guidance that have significant implications on corporate tax transactions. What are some of the recent developments in the Subchapter C area that can impact your company? Gain valuable insights on recent developments and hot topics in the Subchapter C area.
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Tax Executives | Multistate Tax

Federal Excise Taxes and Credits: Don't Underestimate Their Expanding Reach and Impact
July 08, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Excise taxes affect many businesses and directly impact the bottom line. With annual collections exceeding $50 billion, these transactional taxes present potential exposure and cost saving opportunities. Gain a deeper understanding of this important and expanding area of indirect taxes.
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Tax Executives | Financial Reporting for Taxes

Tax Considerations for Carve-out Financial Statements: Slicing through the Complexities
June 30, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
As companies continue to spin-off, split-up, and sell off parts of their business, carve-out financial statements become more and more common. What complex issues are important to plan ahead for, and what personnel and resources are required to prepare and audit the statements? Gain insights on challenges and opportunities associated with preparing carve-out financial statements, especially relating to accounting for income taxes, and learn ways to help your company navigate this important process.
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Financial Executives | Governance, Risk & Compliance

Compliance Leading Practices and Insights
June 26, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
In an era of increasing regulatory scrutiny in the U.S. and other countries, corporate compliance programs and activities are rapidly evolving. What emerging risks and trends are compliance executives focused on today? Hear results from a recent Compliance Week compliance survey and learn ways to help refresh your company's compliance program and activities.
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Tax Executives | International Tax

International Tax Issues in Cloud Computing
June 26, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Use of cloud computing has grown pervasive in businesses across industries. But with its increasing use across international borders, what potential international tax challenges and considerations could it raise? Explore the international tax issues associated with cloud computing.
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Financial Executives | Financial Reporting

Quarterly Accounting Roundup: An Update on Important Developments
June 25, 2:00 PM ET (18:00 GMT)
Do you know what issues the standard-setters and regulators have been addressing lately? We've been monitoring their projects. Join us to hear about the latest developments.
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Industries | Technology, Media & Telecommunications

The Internet of Things Ecosystem: The Quest for Value
June 25, 1:00 PM ET (17:00 GMT)
As the confluence of several mature and emerging technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly developing into a vibrant new marketplace. What are important considerations for technology, media, and telecom (TMT) companies as they compete for opportunities? Explore this quickly developing new opportunity for TMT companies.
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