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Seminar “Finances. The beginning”

We are glad to announce that our journey into the world of finance was an exciting and riskless experience for all participants.  Although, the topic of the financial risks was one of the main subjects discussed during the Deloitte Academy`s four-hour seminar, which took place on 30 May, 2012.

Here is a short list of the main topics highlighted during our journey:

  • Do finances rule the world?  Facebook IPO.
  • Finances – what are they: an exclusive prerogative of the blue-chip corporations or a part of our daily life?
  • What is money? And can we live without them?
  • Credit relations.  A historical insight into the Renaissance.
  • Interest rates
  • Time value of money
  • Financial markets and their participants
  • The role of the financial markets
  • A simple financial market.  Financial exchange line.
  • Investments
  • Evaluation of investment projects.  NPV and IRR.  (Think, it has nothing to do with you personally? How do you make decisions about buying or selling a car?  Or what is better: to buy your dream flat in bedroom district or rent the flat near your place of work?).
  • Real financial markets.  Multi-period cash flows.
  • Bonds
  • Spot and forward interest rates
  • Profit is a concept.  Money is a reality.  Evaluation of free cash flows.
  • Discount rate.  WACC or why the discount rate doesn`t coincide with the value of credit resources?  
  • Derivatives. Black–Scholes Model.
  • So, do finances really rule the world?

This workshop was an exploratory trip, during which we sought to acquaint participants with a diverse world of finances and to demonstrate that each of us makes financial decisions every day.  And to convince the participants that these decisions must be and should be taken using financial models that will help to avoid unnecessary financial losses.  And in the near future we will invite you to our next seminars and trainings dedicated to the subject of Finances.      

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