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Analytics and forensic technology

CableComputer Forensics
It takes special skills, techniques and technology to find, gather and preserve digital evidence. Without rigorous data capture and discovery technique, crucial evidence could be lost in an internal investigation or potential litigation.

Experience is everything in computer forensics. Cutting-edge technology is certainly important, but without the specialist know-how to apply the technology and years of investigative experience to recognise evidence, you cannot be sure you are getting the best computer forensic support.

Deloitte is proud to assemble the most experienced computer forensic specialists in the Asia Pacific region. With backgrounds in law enforcement, technology, fraud investigation, system security consulting, computer forensics and computer incident response, our team has an impressive track record of successful discovery.

Deloitte Discovery
Today, the greatest challenge for business dispute, regulatory investigation or litigation is the enormous volume of data that needs to be reviewed in order to identify relevant information for discovery. Cases that require the discovery and inspection of electronically stored documents are now common, and the volume of data being stored by organisations is growing exponentially. Increasing amounts of data require better and faster ways to search and cull data collections. Data may be in multiple languages, which can double, triple or even further expand the amount of data to manage.

Deloitte Discovery is a continuum of services designed to help identify, process and produce data relevant to investigation or litigation. The continuum begins with proactive measures that can be taken to provide a more efficient and effective discovery process. This is followed by the technical phases of discovery – collection, processing, hosting, review and, finally production. Our streamlined approach to discovery and complex document management is designed to accelerate the discovery process while mitigating risks and managing costs.

Data analytics
The complexity of business operations makes it difficult for clients to get micro-snapshots of the data roaming through their systems. Like looking under the bonnet or hood of a modern car, business is a bewildering labyrinth of computer technology. We can no longer tinker with a “missing” engine. You can no longer tinker with a suspicious wobble from the engine room of your business. You need a professional.
You need technological tools so powerful they can quickly identify errors, irregularities and suspect transactions deep down in your business.

DTect™ is a data analysis and interrogation methodology, using proprietary tools and bespoke tests that can identify and isolate suspicious financial transactions within the vast data fields that hum away in the course of everyday business. Deloitte Forensic developed DTect™ by applying global knowledge and experience in risk identification and fraud detection, incorporating hundreds of robust testing processes to tailor it to your business. Think of it as a comprehensive Health Check for your business or the vanguard for detecting anomalies and potential fraud or corruption in your payment and financial systems.

Data visualisation
The power of imagery is used in many technical disciplines to provide a single view schematic to the shape and texture of a ‘problem’. The same is now true in the field of data analytics.
Our data visualization service is a specialised branch of Deloitte Analytics. It couples leading edge analytical software with unparalleled expertise bred from our global experience in assisting our clients identify the mechanisms of potential fraud that may be woven within their data and processes.

Data visualisation is the exploration and analysis of relational data elements, differentiated as Entities and Links, through a visualization process that exposes connections, pathways, networks, and flows that are not apparent in traditional data views.

The end product through this link analysis process include:

  • Network and association charts
  • Transaction analysis charts
  • Temporal (timeline) charts
  • Commodity flow charts
  • Event charts
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