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Oil & Gas in focus. Deloitte Global publications

O&G in focus - a regular collection of articles, white papers and other information from Deloitte Global examining significant business topics in the Oil & Gas industry. View some past topics below.

  Oil and gas reality check 2013: A look at the top issues facing the oil and gas sector
Deloitte’s Global Energy & Resources group is delighted to introduce its 2013 issue of Oil and Gas Reality Check, which focuses on the five of the primary challenges impacting the oil and gas sector globally, and provides our view of the direction which these trends will follow.
  Exporting the American Renaissance: Global Impacts of LNG Exports from the United States
This report describes an economic-based analysis of the potential impacts of LNG exports from the United States on domestic and global markets. While much attention has focused on the impact of U.S. LNG exports on the U.S. market, this study analyzes the potential economic consequences of those exports on global markets.
  The Deloitte Guide to Oil and Gas in East Africa: Where potential lies
This is the first edition of Deloitte’s guide to the upstream industry in East Africa. The discovery of significant quantities of oil in Uganda in 2006 has ushered in a bonanza. According to one senior oil company executive, more hydrocarbons have been discovered in East Africa in the last 2 years than anywhere else in the world. This publication charts the success in this region.
  A look at some current issues facing energy and commodities traders 
In recent years, physical energy and commodities trading has entered a new era of sophistication and scale.
  Knock on wood. Is biomass the answer to 2020?
The UK energy industry is facing a number of challenges. Among them energy security, decarbonisation and affordability rank the highest. Could energy from biomass make a material contribution to meeting these challenges?
  Global oil & gas tax newsletter, July 2012
Views from around the world
  Taking a strategic view: Energy in the global metals and mining sector
Highlights the energy imperative and how strategic management of energy is already beginning to happen in metals and mining.
  The resource curse
Public institutions with strong fiscal and legal capabilities and improved revenue transparency are critical for citizens to benefit from resource wealth.
  Deloitte Survey – Public Opinions on Shale Gas Development
Positive perceptions meet understandable wariness
  Energy's next frontiers
This POV highlights how Energy Companies now rank among the most important—and sophisticated—technology companies in the world.
  Welcome to our ‘Experts about Energy 2012 and beyond’ magazine
This magazine combines Deloitte’s Energy Predictions for the year 2012 and the wisdom of some of the most widely known experts in the energy community in the Netherlands.
  Oil & Gas Reality Check 2012
Deloitte report examines the future of oil and gas in the Middle East and beyond.
  Tracking the trends 2012: The top ten issues mining companies may face in the coming year
A suite of issues are becoming more severe for mining companies. This report articulates unconventional solutions to their conventional challenges.
  Energy & Resources Predictions 2012. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) today announced the launch of its third energy predictions report, Energy & Resources Predictions 2012.
  Global oil & gas tax newsletter. Australia introduces a carbon tax and confirms acceptance of recommendations in relation to the previously proposed extension of PRRT (Petroleum Resource Rent Tax). Indonesia passes long-awaited regulations on recoverable operating costs and income tax treatment in the upstream oil & gas industry.
  Middle East Energy and Resources Managing scarcity for the future. Governments in the Middle East are finding a new set of challenges in the energy and resources sector (depleting resources, a shortage in skilled talent and environmental concerns). In this white paper Deloitte Middle East aims to enumerate the wide-ranging trends, their implications and the services that are potentially applicable in overcoming the challenges.
  After the spill: oil and gas leaders confront the strategic challenges ahead.
  Emergence of the new geopolitical risk-oil price paradigm
Oil companies are now being challenged in ways that weren't as readily apparent even four years ago. Recent events in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) demonstrate that political and economic risk should be high on management's agenda.
  2010 Deloitte Oil & Gas Conference Summary Report
This brochure highlights the major themes and provides a synopsis of the speakers’ views and comments organized by industry sector.
  Empowering ideas 2011
The future of Nuclear. Risk management challenge. M&A – buy or sell? Renewables. Energy resource dilemma. Data analytics and Smart Utilities. These are just a few of the top challenges facing electric power companies. Deloitte looks at the unfolding trends and how companies can manage these uncertainties.
  Comparing BRICs and G6 nations in fossil fuels
A new report, "If not BRICs, then what? Comparing BRICs and G6 nations in fossil fuels" compares the up-and-coming BRIC nations to the G6 in fossil fuels.
  M&A Transactions in a Risk-Intensive Marketplace
The devastating Gulf of Mexico oil spill, combined with the ongoing economic and marketplace uncertainties, has increased the level and price of business risk for oil and gas companies, especially those contemplating a M&A transaction. This point of view, by the oil and gas M&A leaders, discusses the need for and role of effective risk management in the M&A process.
  Global Oil & Gas Tax Newsletter
Views from around the world (First Edition).
  Work Force 2020: Beyond the Boomers
In the December 2010/January 2011 issue of American Gas, Michael Boedewig, Principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, and one of several human capital specialists featured in the article Work Force 2020: Beyond the Boomers, helps to answer the question, What will the workers, technical skills and utility structures of 2020 look like?
img   Oil & Gas reality check 2011
Unconventional gas and investment in Asia and the North Sea are just two of the top Oil & Gas issues for the coming year. Find out what else made the list.
img   Energy Predictions 2011
Read the report to learn what is in sight for the energy industry in the coming year based in in-depth interviews with clients, industry analysts and Deloitte member firm senior energy practitioners from around the world.
img   Alternative thinking 2011
The volatility of the global economy in 2008 and 2009 has given way to a renewed sense of optimism in 2010. While some economies were barely able to ride out the recent recession and others flourished, many others suffered severe economic consequences. The question now on everyone’s mind now is how likely a sustainable recovery will be?
img   Sustainability: Developing Key Performance Indicators
CFO Insights: Measuring Sustainability is the Bottom Line
img   Tackling Carbon Legislation: Not If, But When!
Several versions of carbon legislation are pending in Congress. Speakers at a recent Deloitte Center for Energy Solutions forum outlined considerations in shaping federal carbon legislation and the ramifications of passing—or failing to pass—a federal mandate.
img   Clean Over Green: Oil and Gas in a Low-Carbon Future
This piece is an excerpt from Clean Over Green: Striking a New Energy Balance as We Build a Bridge to a Low-Carbon Future. It focuses on one of the key messages in the larger white paper: natural gas, oil and coal should be given their due as crucial fuels of the coming decades, as there is a commonly-held view that we cannot transition to a carbon-neutral world without them.
img   Future of Fossil Fuels
This byline article by Greg Aliff, Deloitte LLP and Branko Terzic, Deloitte Services LP, was published in the December 2009 issue of Oil & Gas Financial Journal. Most objective projections show that reliance on fossil fuels is both necessary and economic under almost every scenario that balances growing energy demand with available supply.
img   Favouring the brave
National oil companies are facing an unprecedented environment of radical change that is creating new parameters that require urgent action. Extreme volatility in commodity prices, broad shifts in demand, changing reserve portfolios, and a growing need for a global strategy are driving NOCs to the realisation that a new way of doing business is essential for the future.
img   World-class procurement and the National Oil Company opportunity
Recently, many National Oil Companies (NOCs) have embarked on a journey to become more global in scale externally, coupled with a drive to become more efficient in their operations internally. In just the last six months there have been several large scale initiatives that characterise the evolution (or revolution) of the NOC into an operating model more closely resembling that of an International Oil Company (IOC). This revolution of sorts is creating a new class of NOCs: the International National Oil Company.
img   2009 Industry Outlook: Energy & Resources
As the Energy & Resources industry entered 2008, common wisdom held, “as energy goes, so goes the economy.” One year later, the near collapse of the U.S. financial system and a growing recession have turned this wisdom on its ear. The new mantra for the energy industry? “As the economy goes, so goes energy.” Read our Outlook for the Oil & Gas and Power & Utilities sectors.
img   Sounding Off: Oil and Gas Executives Look at Petroleum’s Future 
Doing business in the oil patch isn’t what it used to be. Concerns about sustainability and affordability are calling decades of conventional wisdom into question — and issues such as energy security and the ailing economy are challenging even the most well established petroleum companies.
img   Fueling the world of tomorrow 
For both NOCs and IOCs there is a great sense of urgency surrounding future strategies and in particular the relationship models between the two. Deloitte member firms have examined several scenarios in this paper which suggest that, if IOCs and NOCs fail to reinvigorate their relations, the course of events over the next two decades could cause NOCs and IOCs to fall short of their goals leading to dramatic industry restructuring.
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