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There is no shortage of articles and books written about innovation.  After leadership it is one of the contemporary topics in business.  To help you come up to speed with innovation we have pulled together a selection of articles and videos from Deloitte and others that we think will quickly get you up to speed.

Look deeper to see innovation below the surface

If we revisit some of the successes in the recent awards season we see a range of innovations beyond just the product.  

Looking at innovation beyond the sails and the foils

Innovation is not just about the flashy things that customers can see.  Sometimes the biggest gains can be made by having another look at the basics and rethinking how these can work in a new world with new technologies.

Powershop and Nike shine on the innovation stage, here’s why

Innovation, sought after by so many and mastered by an elusive few; the ground is littered with mistakes. While some of this is inevitable as one iterates through ideas, many of the mistakes are simply attempts by those who substitute 'sticky notes' and creative brainstorming for logic and analysis.

Watch the panel discussion on Digital Disruption at our last Innovation Conversations event.

Watch the discussion on Innovation between our speaker, Geoff Suvalko and Deloitte Head of Innovation, Grant Frear, at a 2012 Innovation Conversations event. At this event Geoff spoke on Design-Led Innovation.
Mike Carden of Sonar6 gave a fascinating speech at Deloitte's Innovation Conversations event series on 'Innovating the product and business model .


Deloitte Australia's Pete Williams talks to Bernard Hickey about how SMEs can use social media and the cloud.

To watch our full suite of Innovation videos please visit here.

The Scale Paradox: Analytics disrupts the size factor

Disruptive technologies continue to change how companies innovate and compete. Combined with the power of analytics, they allow small companies to achieve insights once afforded only to large enterprises. At the same time, large enterprises can use these disruptive forces to shorten the time-to-insight and innovate in ways that used to be the sole domain of much smaller and more agile startups. This is the scale paradox.

Grant Frear: The leadership challenge

Innovation is often seen as a critical component of any growth strategy. It is also an equally important component in the basic survival of an organisation and a strategy with a critical role to play in risk management and building a sustainable business, explains Grant Frear

Innovation - a strategy for all seasons

Innovation is often positioned as a critical component of any growth strategy. It is however an equally important component in the basic survival of an organisation. Innovation is therefore a strategy for all seasons and has a critical role to play in risk management and building a sustainable business.

The Engagement Economy: How gamification is reshaping businesses

Gamification is about taking the essence of games—fun, play, transparency, design and challenge—and applying it to real-world objectives rather than pure entertainment. In a business setting, that means designing solutions for everything from office tasks and training to marketing or direct customer interaction by combining the thinking of a business manager with the creativity and tools of a game designer.

Tech Trends 2012: A New Zealand perspective

The list of trends for 2012 highlight a convergence of analytics, mobility and cloud that is fundamentally changing how information is accessed and used by businesses. The role of the CIO changing as a result, the changes highlighted in this report put a spot light on the increasing need for stringent information security and privacy measures. The following sections identify the key trends relevant for New Zealand with relevant statistics. Each sub-section begins with an overview of that particular trend followed by key stats, quotes and information relevant to New Zealand.

Innovating for a digital future: The leadership challenge

This report tackles some of the key challenges facing managers in Technology, Media and Telecommunications organisations. In developing the report, we combined our expertise with the perspectives derived from interviews with leaders across the TMT sector. Throughout, we focus on a critical challenge for TMT companies – how to innovate beyond products or deeply ingrained ways of working which have been successful to date, but which are now holding back an organisation from its next stage of evolution.

Social business: What are companies really doing?   

In the tight fiscal environment that we are facing here in New Zealand and globally, organisations are constantly looking for innovative ways to improve performance and get ahead of the competition. But what are businesses really doing with social media? The proliferation of technology-based social networking has been transforming politics and social norms on a global scale over the past decade. Will social networking and social media software have a similarly transformative effect on business?

Scaling Edges: A Pragmatic Pathway to broad internal change

The world as we know it is changing. Increased globalization and rapid advancements in technology, collectively referred to as The Big Shift, are profoundly altering our economy and creating new markets. In order to thrive in a post-Big Shift world, today’s companies should consider how they move from innovating at a product and service level (i.e. flooding the market with new, marginally improved products) to innovating at an institutional level.

Sustainability 2.0 Using sustainability to drive business innovation and growth

Sustainability assumes greater relevance in the context of innovation. While it is valid to discuss sustainability as an important driver in value creation, differentiation of products and services will ultimately play a greater role in shaping a company’s prospects in the market. Increasingly, that differentiation is the product of sustainability-driven innovation.

The CIO’s Role in Business Innovation: Sustain or Disrupt?

Should CIOs focus on sustaining innovation, using emerging technologies to improve business efficiency and effectiveness? Or should they lead the charge to apply technology in ways that disrupt business as usual?

Measured Innovation

Innovation is shifting from “eureka” to an institutional discipline
Emerging technology is a continuing source of potential for innovation in business, and the CIO is the executive to deliver on that opportunity. Sounds great. But how?

A Path to Innovation

There is nothing easy about creating an innovative business and it gets harder as an organisation gets larger and mired in the processes and policies that guide how it operates.

Four Ways to Spur Innovation at Your Company

Deloitte Center for the Edge leaders John Hagel and John Seely Brown author The Big Shift, a prestigious blog for Harvard Business Publishing, and explore how institutions can benefit by fostering the emergence of creation spaces and collaboration curves. (Harvard Business Publishing blog)

The Business of Innovation: Art or Science?

Creating and successfully commercializing innovations is tough. But does success lie in following a systematic process – or does it spring from experience-based intuition?

Enterprise social media: Exposed and down to earth

According to a recent survey, CEOs believe that innovation and creativity are essential to businesses growth, evolution and competitive differentiation. 9 Organizations give top priority to developing new products and services, improving operational processes, enhancing customer experience, differentiating their image and reputation through branding and attracting and retaining the best talent. All these things share one common theme: innovation.

How World of Warcraft (WoW) Promotes Innovation

As gamers grapple with an ever-changing, ever uncertain in-game environment, they are pioneering new technologies that may prove highly relevant to the business world. Deloitte LLP’s Center for the Edge point-of-view uncovers the collaboration curve in online gaming and discusses the new era of scalable learning and performance.

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