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Probity and managing government contracts

ProbityManaging government contracts is no easy task. The pressure is always on to ensure your service providers deliver a seamless service to the community within the allocated funding. But what happens when you get a call to say they’ve run out of money and can’t pay next week’s wages? Or you hear rumours of mis-spending or fraud? Or the provider claims they are underfunded or need an increased level of funding?

Some requests for extra funding are genuine and warranted, others could be as dire as insolvency. If a request has you questioning your trust in a service provider, your first step should be to find out what is really happening before things escalate and your reputation is put at risk. A report from a trusted independent party will provide you with a solid platform to make the right decision.

Experience counts

You need a robust report that will withstand scrutiny, from the service provider, your colleagues, politicians, media and the public. By working with our forensic accountants, you get the advantage of working with people who have considerable experience working with providers of social, health and education services. This means we know where to target the work and how to handle sensitive and challenging situations professionally.

You will get a robust, independent report that clearly addresses your concerns so you can confidently make decisions, as well as saving precious time and money in the process.

We can help you:
  • Determine the service provider’s real financial situation – is the provider operating at a profit or loss? Can the provider pay its debts and continue to serve the community, or are they insolvent?
  • Make decisions about the service provider’s funding needs – do they really need additional funding or are current funding levels sufficient?
  • Identify exactly what the funding is being spent on – why are staff and travel costs so high?
  • Assess governance and management performance – is it adequate, need replacing or require immediate change?

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    National Leader - Recovery and Forensics Partner
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