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Global employer services

The Deloitte Global Employment Services team offers a number of employee focused services which is achieved by marshalling the best resources in the different disciplines of international assignment management, personal tax and financial planning:


Relocation Services
Global assignments have proven to carry considerable costs and effort for companies involved in expatriate placements. In answer to this challenge Deloitte Tax and Legal has expanded their Global Employment Service offering to include a Relocation Service. Our service consists of the complete business process associated with the transfer of an employee and their family to a new place of work and residence providing a seamless and effective integration into the new community, including home finding, school search and complete settling in services. 

Annual tax compliance
The transition of business to a global platform has allowed organisations to achieve record revenue growth, a direct result being an increase in international assignments.

This growth is often impeded by the increasing compliance burden imposed by a range of regulatory bodies. Deloitte’s Namibian team simplifies the international assignment process by assisting with Namibian filing obligations on an annual basis. We provide representation and negotiation with tax authorities, assistance with settlement of tax liabilities or withholding obligations and the preparation of hypothetical tax calculations and year-end tax equalisation and/or reconciliation calculations

Tax consulting
The key to developing a relationship with an organisation is the understanding of both the positive and negative effects of expansion. A significant element of this is the analysis of tax implications. Deloitte provides consulting services covering a broad range of tax-related issues, including pre-and post-assignment tax planning and cost projection calculations. We also provide termination and redundancy planning, superannuation and pension planning and tax equalisation policy and implementation guidance

Equity compensation
Organisations now realise that employee satisfaction and motivation is a crucial determinant of their profitability. More commonly, businesses are choosing to make their employees direct stakeholders through equity-based remuneration. This positive development has, however, also resulted in complex tax and legal issues. Our team is experienced in global developments in the arena of employee incentive plan arrangements, including share and option schemes and deferred compensation plans. We have developed a deep appreciation for the complexities of global taxation of such remuneration arrangements for both inbound and outbound assignees.

International immigration solutions
The growing number of multinational organisations and the advent of technology, travel and communications have made economies borderless. Accordingly, the efficient international mobility of personnel is imperative. Deloitte addresses all visa, immigration and related issues for international assignment programs. Our registered migration agents develop and implement effective strategies to ensure the swift and efficient movement of skilled personnel in and out of Namibia, while providing proactive risk management to ensure compliance with requirements of key authorities.

Global compensation management
The dramatic growth of organisations has resulted in an increased participation in the labour force. The resulting administration burden from a more mobile workforce can become an ongoing burden for a growing organisation. A challenge facing many global organisations is the efficient delivery of compensation to international assignees, while satisfying all withholding and compliance requirements. Deloitte’s team leads the market in supporting global compensation issues for our clients. We assist organisations to reduce cost and risk in this vital area, whether as regards a set-up, process improvement or providing assistance with an outsourcing solution.

International human resources transformation
The international deployment of people in an efficient and effective manner is vital to success in expanding global markets and retaining valuable talent. Deloitte provides a comprehensive suite of process improvement services that can be tailor-made to suit each organisation’s size, philosophy, culture and measures of success. By gaining an objective view of an organisation and implementing cost-saving measures, we are able to work with you to enhance overall global mobility and maximise the potential of your human resources.

Market-leading international assignment technology
Supporting all essential international assignment services, Deloitte has invested in world-class, web-based international assignment compliance and management tools that streamline the process. Deloitte Online provides on-line calendars, global tax organisers and project-tracking assistance. This powerful single portal allows assignees, management and Deloitte real time information on all engagement and work-flow activities. Our technology is supported by over 120 technology specialists whose focus is to develop, enhance, test and implement our technology tools. We believe that no other firm’s investment in this area comes close to matching Deloitte’s commitment. We would be pleased to demonstrate any of our technology tools to you and your team at your convenience.

Cost effective service delivery
We understand business’ emphasis on containing cost and our goal is clear:  competitive, fixed pricing for compliance services, clear contractual arrangements to confirm scope of services and consistent pre-approval procedures for any requested services outside of scope. While we offer a highly competitive fee structure, Deloitte maintains the highest service delivery and quality standards. We are proud of our outstanding client service record with major accounts.

Executive financial services
Namibian resident executives also face increasingly complex tax and capital gains tax issues as a result of globalisation. We have a thorough understanding of the tax legislation as well as a practical view on how SARS operates. We assist executives with complex tax calculations, ensure that information is correctly disclosed on the tax returns and timeous submission of all documents. We also assist executives with the personal scheduling of their estates and advice on relevant planning.


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