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Solving issues related to financial crime requires the execution of a well-planned approach & often contemporaneous complex tasks. As such, these tasks are best performed using a multi-disciplinary approach by professionals qualified in fields as varied as accounting, law, investigation and criminology.

Our investigation methodology is based on using experienced staff, cutting-edge technology, adopting a flexible approach, regular communication with our clients and stakeholders, providing regular status and cost updates, a proven objective-based approach to possible inquiries and sources of evidence, and at all times, an uncompromising commitment to confidentiality.

Deloitte has assembled a team of dedicated and uniquely experienced professionals who provide astute advise and assist our clients through investigations of complex fraud, corruption, money laundering and other financial crime investigations. With a global practice, Deloitte is well positioned to assist organisations in investigations of fraud and corruption, AML/Sanctions, Anti-Corruption/Bribery and breach of other regulations.


Fraud and Corruption Investigations

In today's dynamic business world, companies' financial and business interests are exposed to numerous risks, including fraudulent actions by employees, management and counterparties. We have witnessed a number of corporate fraud controversies worldwide throughout all industries. This is a crucial problem and poses a significant threat to corporate survivability.

According to the estimates by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), occupational fraud and abuse in the United States alone may exceed US$6 billion annually and if we add various other fraudulent schemes, the total may run to as much as 10% of global economic output: trillions of dollars worldwide due to unscrupulous acts. The above statistics can be used as a guide to understand the potential losses of companies in other countries as well.

Fraud by its nature is hidden. We will only know about it once it surfaces. Occupational fraud and abuse is commonly categorised into three main components of corruption, misappropriation of assets and fraudulent statements.

Solving these problems requires performance of complex multifaceted tasks, which can only be performed through a multidisciplinary approach in the field of accounting, law, investigation and criminology.

Our Fraud and Corruption Investigations practice helps companies assess allegations of corporate fraud or financial mismanagement and respond to government regulator requests. Our clients include companies across all industries, and we work directly with their corporate personnel such as the Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer, General Counsel, legal department personnel, the Internal Auditor, or other investigation team members. Some investigations also require that we work closely with audit committees and outside counsel.

Clients come to us for help when they need to respond to allegations or prevent or detect potential problems before they occur. Through extensive fact-finding, we help clients investigate financial fraud or corruption, expense abuse, procurement fraud, violations of codes of conduct, third-party fraud or abuses and whistleblower complaints.

Our Fraud and Corruption Investigation team has the people, the technology, and the experience to help you navigate through the legal and operational complexities, and come to timely decisions so you can get on with business.


Anti-Money Laundering Services (AML) /Sanctions Investigations

AML Investigations

Traditionally, money laundering has been a risk area for banks and financial institutions. The broader reach of AML legislation worldwide and the increase in financial and trading activity performed by other businesses have meant a change to this view in recent years. Your organisation's exposure to AML risk is a real one, and our global team can provide the expert, local guidance that this requires.

The professionals in the Anti-Money Laundering Services (AML) practice of Deloitte member firms have assisted clients with anti-money laundering issues for more than 20 years. We have studied the myriad ways money launderers work – smuggling, counterfeiting, corruption, third-party fraud or theft/diversion by insiders, etc. – and we have the skills and experience to conduct such investigations.

Sanctions Investigations

Conducting business across multiple jurisdictions introduces both complexity and risk. Any organisation seeking to preserve its international reputation with Governments, counterparties and customers must adhere to all applicable global economic and trade sanctions.

Deloitte have worked with many of the world's largest organisations and have well-established relations with the relevant regulators. With a global practice and the vast experience in investigations, Deloitte is well positioned to assist organisations in investigating for any potential violations.



The anti-corruption movement is gathering momentum with enforcement action on the increase and increased penalties for companies and individuals who breach the legislation.

Regardless of the legislation, an allegation of bribery or corruption will attract regulatory enquiry and possible sanction. Our depth of experience and multi-disciplinary teams help you to navigate through the legal and operational complexities of these issues so that you can get on with business.

We have assisted companies listed in the US to investigate suspected breaches of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). The FCPA is US legislation prohibiting the payment of bribes to foreign government officials to win or retain business.

Our anti-corruption specialists analyse electronic and hard copy financial records and conduct interviews of relevant personnel to help locate and understand any corrupt scheme, assess the scope of the violation, and report on our findings.

Whether you are buying or selling in a corporate, merger and acquisition situation, we assist our clients in understanding the potential 'undetected' risks and issues to avoid potential liability by testing the anti-corruption or other compliance programs of the target company.


Other regulatory investigations

With a view to maintaining a fair playing field for investors, regulators have constantly amended and expanded existing laws, rules and regulations. As a consequence, market participants need to anticipate and respond to these changes which pose challenges as well as create opportunities.

Not only has the pace of change accelerated but the scope of change has broadened. Clients need to be attuned to and manage these changes not only to remain competitive and relevant but also to prevent breaches.

We belong to a global network that gives us swift access to worldwide regulatory expertise when required. With a global practice and the vast experience in investigations, Deloitte is well positioned to assist organisations in investigating any potential violations.

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