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Business Intelligence Services

Working with other Deloitte member firms, Deloitte Southeast Asia's Business Intelligence Services looks for comprehensive information regarding the background, integrity and reputation of selected individuals and entities on a local, regional and global basis in a variety of contexts.

Investigative due diligence

Pre-transaction investigation of companies and executives is an essential business practice in the due diligence process. Businesses considering mergers, acquisitions or investments need fast and accurate information regarding the background of all parties involved, along with the risks that they may present.

Litigation intelligence

As part of our litigation support services, we assist clients by investigating opposing parties; finding facts relevant to claims and defences; and identifying and locating witnesses. Such critical information can affect litigation strategy and the scope of the litigation.

Fraud investigations intelligence

If fraud is suspected, companies often require in-depth background investigations to unravel the problem. Our team performs background investigations of parties suspected of wrongdoing, searches for conflicts of interest and undisclosed business affiliations. We seek to uncover direct and circumstantial evidence of fraud, as well as any prior financial, legal, regulatory or criminal problems, or links to organised crime. When appropriate, we apply link analysis software to visually demonstrate the relationships between individuals and entities, or the flow of misappropriated funds.

"Know your customer" and enhanced due diligence

Working closely with our team of Anti-Money Laundering experts, we assist clients in their efforts to increase their awareness and understanding of their customer base as part of either their risk management process or in compliance with regulatory requirements.

Employee screening

Using a variety of techniques, we assist clients in probing a candidate's resume and background to avoid the hiring, appointment or association of a dishonest, fraudulent or undesirable employee. We also can assist in probity interviews of selected candidates.


Reputation Protection (Anti-Fraud, Corruption, AML, Sanctions)

Compliance with international and local anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, economic and trade sanctions and other regulatory instruments is becoming an increasingly urgent priority, as regulators around the world step up enforcement efforts. Entities that are fluent in compliance and integrity risk areas, and consider them as a central part of operational decision making have a higher likelihood of avoiding pitfalls.

We perform risk reviews to determine whether existing compliance and governance controls and programmes are effective, and to identify potential risk areas. Where we identify such risk areas, we assist our clients in the development of improved internal control systems to safeguard against potential violation, and to take early corrective measures to minimise potential corporate liability.

Fraud Risk

Deloitte's fraud risk professionals advise our clients on mitigating fraud risk by taking a pro-active approach. We have extensive experience from our work with numerous clients in Asia and globally in understanding fraud risk in all industry sectors.

Our team has developed a number of tools and methodologies which provide a robust means by which to identify and prioritise fraud risk. We can assist you by providing the following:

  • Fraud Risk Assessment - To understand your vulnerability to fraud and corruption one must first know what the risks are. We assist you to identify all the risks and assess those risks for their likelihood of occurring and the consequences of them occurring in terms of financial and reputational damage.
  • Surveys - Our DTermine™ on-line survey tool can be tailored for the assessment of fraud risk. We use this tool in conjunction with workshops and interviews to provide a consistent, validated understanding of fraud risk within an organisation.
  • Data Analytics - We also utilise other tools such as our fraud analytics tool, DTect™. We analyse 100% of your data for a given period to locate suspicious (potentially fraudulent) transactions for further investigation.

The output of this process is a matrix with risks rated low, medium and high and a Fraud and Corruption Control plan that provides suggested mitigating actions to be taken and assign responsibility for achieving those actions.

Fraud policy & procedure development

We are able to assist with the development of anti-fraud policies, procedures and controls. We design ethics frameworks and compliance programs for clients including advice on code of conduct or ethics development and overall ethics Transformation Strategies.

In addition to that, we are able to assist you in designing and delivering fraud awareness programs to educate employees about fraud prevention, detection and incident response.

Our whistleblowing services Tip-Offs Anonymous™ is designed to protect the assets, bottom line and reputation of organisations. Please click here to learn more.

Summary of work:

  • Fraud risk reviews and assessments using proven methodologies
  • Fraud culture and control surveys
  • Business Partner Surveys
  • Implementation of fraud management systems including Deloitte's DTect™ and DTermineT™
  • Vendor selection project management and advice
  • Fraud culture health checks and ethics training
  • Fraud programme planning

Corruption Risk

Corruption or bribe paying to win or retain business is a global issue which has been receiving focused attention from Governments and regulators. According to Transparency International (TI), the global civil society leading the fight against corruption, and its Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI), many of the countries within Southeast Asia have a high perception of corruption in business dealings.

In response to that, the anti-corruption movement is gathering momentum with enforcement action on the increase and increased penalties for companies and individuals who breach the legislation. Regardless of the legislation, an allegation of bribery or corruption will attract regulatory enquiry and possible sanction.

Deloitte is a leading anti-corruption investigation service provider globally and in Southeast Asia. Our dedicated forensic team has helped some of the world's leading companies with anti-corruption compliance issues. Our depth of experience and multi-disciplinary teams help you to navigate through the legal and operational complexities of these issues so that you can get on with business.

Forensic accounting investigations of alleged violations of anti-corruption legislation

Our specialists analyse electronic and hard copy financial records and conducts interviews of relevant personnel to help locate and understand any corrupt schemes, assess the scope of violations, and report on our findings.

Due diligence on mergers and acquisitions investigations

Whether you are buying or selling in a corporate merger and acquisition situation, we assist our clients in understanding the potential ‘undetected' risks and issues to avoid potential future liability by testing the anti-corruption or other compliance program of the target company.

Anti-Corruption Compliance framework assessments

We assist our clients in the development of proper internal control systems to safeguard against potential violation and to take early corrective measures to minimise potential corporate liability.
Our professionals have diverse experience and knowledge to deal with a wide range of issues and our approach can be tailored to meet the requirement of your company.

Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Risk

Deloitte believe in serving our clients through a collaborative approach, working together to address AML issues and developing innovative solutions to this type of compliance risk. We strongly advocate a 'risk-based approach' to money laundering, in line with global regulatory trends. Deloitte has extensive experience in implementing this approach at major organisations in a number of industries worldwide.

Our Forensic team is also experienced in the management of money laundering-related incidents. We have a global network of AML professionals who are well placed to react at short notice to your issues, whilst providing local and industry-specific expertise.

Our team combines people with forensic accounting, technology and consulting backgrounds to ensure a complete and effective solution to both pro-active risk management needs and re-active money laundering event management.

Sanctions Risk

Economic and trade sanctions are imposed by governments or multi-national organizations such as the EU or UN to further foreign policy objectives; for example to address state-to-state security threats or human rights abuses. Sanctions generally prohibit companies and individuals from entering into or facilitating transactions involving sanctioned regimes or designated entities or individuals in order to limit their access to capital markets and goods.

The challenges and risks posed by economic and trade sanctions should not be underestimated. Establishing which sanctions regime applies, and under which circumstances, is by no means straightforward. Organizations face tough decisions when striking the right balance between having a conservative enterprise-wide sanctions policy and an efficient real-time transaction screening approach that does not adversely impact its ability to execute transactions competitively. Recent enforcement actions between global financial institutions and their regulators and law enforcement have demonstrated the significant potential costs, both tangible and intangible, of failure to comply with economic sanctions requirements. Most notably, to settle United States investigations after admitting violations of United States sanctions, several financial institutions have paid up to hundreds of millions in fines.

Deloitte has experience in providing overall, discrete, and timely advice on sanctions programs risk management and compliance. We have worked with many of the world's largest financial services institutions and have well-established relations with the relevant regulators. With a global practice and centers of excellence, Deloitte is well positioned to assist entities including financial institutions, insurance companies, asset managers and investment funds in meeting the challenges posed by sanctions regimes around the world.


Merger and Acquisitions Compliance & Integrity

When contemplating acquisitions and mergers, financial risk should not be the only consideration.   The increased activity of regulators in the areas of bribery and corruption, anti-money laundering and economic and trade sanction compliance and the potential for assumed liability on the part of acquirers makes it good common sense to conduct thorough due diligence in these and many other areas of the target business. To assist you to better understand who you are doing business with and the risk environment, we conduct background investigations of entities and individuals, undertake data analysis of financial data and identify whether appropriate robust control frameworks are in place.

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