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Social media marketing - Why should you engage in social media ? | Brochure


What are social media ?

Social media marketingSocial media are used for social interactions. They include the technologies and online practices that people use to share opinions, knowledge, experiences and expectations ( Web 2.0 ). Social media can take the form of texts, images, video and audio.

What has changed recently ?

Until lately, the objective of the World Wide Web was to provide information to users. With the development of new technologies, this model has changed. Consumers increasingly gain control over the Internet, especially concerning what is being said about a company. Internet users are now able to influence other consumers by sharing positive or negative experiences with a product or service, and thus ultimately determining the success of a brand.

How have companies been impacted by this change ?

The border between provider of information and consumer becomes increasingly unclear. Companies increasingly use social media as a communication channel with their customers. Social media allow companies to listen to and converse with their consumers.

Benefits of social media marketing. Did you know that…

  • Companies investing more than 30 % of their marketing budget in social media marketing can foresee a 6 % increase of their gross operating profit
  • Social media is much cheaper : the cost per 1,000 could be 700 times cheaper compared to other traditional marketing tools
  • Web and web 2.0 have become the premium tools when looking for product information
  • When asking “ How much do you trust the following information sources ” social media obtained 77 % while TV and radio scored 39 % and direct mail only 25 %
  • Social media is the fastest way for market research, product testing, and allows measuring results easily
  • Social media is the only way to create a close relation with your customers ; moving away from one-way messaging to real customer endorsement and brand advocacy

Current business questions are :

  • How could I benefit from the social media revolution ?
  • What should I begin with ? Should I select a tool or first settle my corporate social strategy ?
  • Which department should be the leader of this initiative ?
  • Do I need to reorganise my current marketing department and do I need to hire a community manager ?
  • What is currently being said about my brands on the Internet ?
  • If I engage with social media, do I offer too much power to customers who might post negative comments ?
  • How could I value the result of social media marketing ?
  • I already engaged with social media but with poor results. Is there a way to boost those results ?

Deloitte can provide an answer to all these questions.

Deloitte’s social media marketing services

Deloitte’s social media marketing services encompasses the complete set of capabilities, from studies, to strategy and execution, that are brought together to optimise your social media activities and leverage the value of your investment.

E - reputation analysis

Starting with an e-reputation analysis will help companies determine who says what about their brands and on which web platform. This is, most of the time, a cautious step to take before undertaking any additional investment in social media marketing.

Deloitte’s social media marketing offering

Not only will an e-reputation analysis help you scale and detail your social media effort, it also acts as a key market research tool : a powerful online customer intelligence model.

The Deloitte e - reputation methodology consists in designing the exact model for your business that is customised to answer your precise business questions. It also allows multiple language settings, including a Luxembourgish one.

Social media strategy

When companies started engaging with social media, they mostly jumped directly to the creation of the tool ( for example a Facebook page ) without first putting in place a concrete social media strategy. This could be accounted as one of the main reasons why social media was perceived as unable to create enough value.

When engaging with social media, strategy shouldn’t be put aside.

Deloitte’s social media marketing offering

Based on concrete business cases, Deloitte has developed the AGAT methodology in order to guide companies in the development of their social media strategy :

  • Analysing your targeted Audience and its usage of social media tools
  • Identifying your social media Goals
  • Defining how your Aims will change your relationship with your customers and putting in place accurate metrics to measure progresses
  • Finally, deploying the appropriate Technology to achieve your objectives and reach your target audience

Community management

When brands engage with social media, marketing departments quickly need to allocate an employee to take care of the social effort which often requires the recruitment of a new headcount.

Recruiting before being able to provide any concrete result is, in general, a difficult step to overcome. An additional difficulty consists in determining the right scale of the interactive department or to justify a full time headcount. Furthermore, the recent development of community manager as a profession is a hurdle to find people with the right combination of skills. To complicate matters, in the age of the Splinternet where experiences will be fragmented across non-PC devices, building applications and distributing content for different user interfaces will require highly skilled managers.

Deloitte’s social media marketing offering

Deloitte community managers can execute your social media strategy. After an inception phase, they will adequately create your social media tools, build and maintain your community, promote your brand ( through your own application or others web platforms ) and take care of web intelligence and e-measurement.

Here are our specificities :

  • Deloitte community managers have been trained to demonstrate not only creativity and IT skills but also analytics and planner competencies
  • They can work for you on a full or part time basis depending on the level of assistance you require and thus allowing you to maintain flexibility in your work force

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