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Key Investor Information Document (KIID)

Implementation challenges

The “drop-dead” date on KIID has come and passed – KIID is now a fact of life, or it should be.

And scarcely has the KIID as we know it come into existence, than its “adoptive parents” – the European Regulatory Framework – is already considering, if not throttling it in its infancy, at least markedly changing its’ path to maturity. But that is a reflection for later…

From the first discussions around KIID, Deloitte has assisted its clients through the process; it was present in the conceptual stage, playing a leading role in the ALFI Working Group and bringing its analytical skills to bear on best practice recommendations for the calculation of the SRRI, surveying the market at the outset, to share with the community those early perceptions.

Our own experiences and observations were that the route has been a far from smooth one, and we had a lingering doubt that the story is not yet over, so we wanted to test this and again ask the market how it has been getting on, and thereby help you to situate your own experience, plans and intentions going forward versus the broader market and your peers.

  • Despite all the work that has gone into the KIID, there is still a long way to go before it becomes a smooth and cost-effective process.
  • The cost dynamics of the KIID are still only poorly understood. Impressions can be misleading and the true costs are much higher than is thought.
  • Significant efficiencies can still be driven out from the process.

We have developed turn-key solutions to address the above. Please contact us should you want to discuss any of these topical issues or any other such challenges in more detail.

KIID survey - More work ahead
The survey was sent when KIID entered its mandatory phase, to seeks answers as to how the industry was moving from project mode to business as usual


Focus on

  • Podcast | Key Investor Information Document (KIID) - Impact and challenges
    Lou Kiesch, Partner in Advisory and Consulting, and Marc Noirhomme, Directeur in Advisory and Consulting, explain the origin of the KIID and the challenges linked to the new industry requirement.
  • Brochure | Key Investor Information Document - Expertise in its intricate production
    The KIID is an important pillar of the UCITS IV directive. Deloitte has analysed this issue and offer you the required toolkit to meet those challenges.
  • Press article | KIID – and it is only the beginning...
    One might be forgiven for thinking that with UCITS IV now firmly in force, all the noise about the KIID is in the past and it is time to sit back and evaluate the impact it is having. But one would be wrong. The challenge is only just beginning.
  • Press article | „Wesentliche Anlegerinformationen“ – Welche Auswirkungen wird dieses Dokument tatsächlich haben?
    Die Wesentlichen Anlegerinformationen wurden durch die letzte OGAW Richtlinie, eingeführt, welche zum 1 Juli 2011 in Kraft trat. Die Nachfrage nach einem solchen Dokument gab es seit Langem.


  • Lou Kiesch
    Partner - Regulatory Consulting
  • Xavier Zaegel
    Partner - Capital Markets/Financial Risk
  • Francois-Kim Hugé
    Directeur - Fund Registration Services
  • Christopher Stuart-Sinclair
    Directeur - Regulatory Consulting

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  • Key information documents for packaged retail investment products (PRIPs) - 12/11/2013
    Small investors should get a KID giving clear, comparable and complete information on any investment product before signing a binding contract.
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  • UCITS KIID - Key Investor Information Document | Brochure
    The UCITS KIID is designed to lead the way in investor information, protection and disclosure.



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