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AIFMD regulatory reporting and notification

At first sight, the regular reporting requirements set out in Article 24 of the AIFM Directive may seem innocuous. However, the reality is that those reporting requirements will reveal themselves to be one of the greatest regulatory and operational burdens AIFMs will face.

AIFMs face challenges regarding risk management, operating conditions, staffing, compliance and distribution – reporting requirements concentrate all these needs in a regulatory "hot spot".

Your AIFMD regulatory reporting challenges

  • Report on a wide number of data elements (>300 fields per AIF to report upon)
  • Compile data from multiple sources in multiple formats
  • Enrich or transform the available data universe
  • Invest in technology to develop new simple to complex interfaces
  • Implement a solution for the report transmission to the regulator in accordance with ESMA standards
  • Resource the production cycle to meet tight reporting turn arounds

To safeguard your AIFM and AIF status, you must meet the regulatory notification and investor communication challenges:

  • Maintain your authorisation status by submitting for every significant change an update packaged in a pre-defined format
  • Communicate to the authority in each country in which marketing is intended, including marketing arrangements
  • Communicate to the relevant authority reports such as the Financial Statements including all required AIFMD disclosures and requirements
  • Create an AIFMD compliant information pack for investors and implement an infrastructure to make these packs available to them
  • Where AIFs are distributed under Article 43 exemptions, country specific reporting and other requirements such as KIID may apply

Our AIFMD reporting services

  • Identify the available data in your systems
  • Transform your data where necessary (by way of mapping, reformatting or calculation)
  • Enrich your data sets if necessary (by way of expert enrichment or computation)
  • Manage and monitor the whole production cycle of all the funds in scope and the resolution of potential exceptions (missing or inconsistent files or data)
  • Transmit reports to the regulators

Deloitte AIFMD notification services

  • Provision of a complete AIFMD notification and disclosure offering
  • Maintenance of the AIFM authorisation and the necessary notification to regulators for marketing your AIFs cross-border. Timely transmission to regulators and ensuring AIFMD compliance of fund documents such as the annual report
  • Compilation of the periodic disclosures to investors and the provision of the necessary publication infrastructure

Why Deloitte?

  • Interfaces adapted to your specific setup – to minimise development on your side, we develop the necessary interfaces to rework your existing data extracts
  • Much more than a system, our experts bring together and coordinate your leverage calculation, portfolio liquidity profile, stress tests, etc.
  • Minimise operational and technology work on your side - Our solution comprises both a very strong human capital element (alternative fund experts as well as data management experts) and a very strong technology element (we propose a state-of-the-art AIFMD platform technology). This combination enables us to deliver a service that keeps the workload on your side to a strict minimum and provides you with regulatory comfort
  • We have analysed the inconsistencies in reporting proposals, the pain points and the clarifications – our services offer you the shortcut to compliance


  • Lou Kiesch
    Partner - Regulatory Consulting
  • François Kim Hugé
    Partner - Regulatory Strategy
  • Isabelle Pasque-Broset
    Directeur - Regulatory Strategy
  • Marc Noirhomme
    Directeur - Regulatory Strategy

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    At first sight, the regular reporting requirements set out in Article 24 of the AIFM Directive may seem innocuous.



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