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Cross-border fund distribution services - Solving the puzzle for you | Brochure


Cross-border fund distribution services - Solving the puzzle for youMuch has been said, written, and above all, achieved in the domain of cross-border distribution of funds. In the long journey that has taken UCITS from its first iteration in 1985 to its pre-eminent position as the mostly widely recognised cross-border investment vehicle that it is today, many elements have contributed. 

For those of us who have walked this road from inception it has been a long, at times arduous, at times challenging but always fascinating journey. As one set of objectives and targets was achieved, with new markets opening and new client segments attracted to our core products, so the frontier shifted and we looked to new challenges.

UCITS IV was in many ways a turning point in this journey. It is perhaps unique in UCITS Directives, those in existence, those that have been considered or those under consideration, in that for the most part it contains what the market itself was asking for. 

Two of the main elements, the simplified notification procedure to facilitate cross-border registration with the benefit of the passport and KIID – the Key Investor Information Document designed to replace the Simplified Prospectus, go right to the heart of the activity that has provided the technical basis for almost three decades of successful cross-border marketing. In so doing, expectations were created, expectations on “time to market”, expectations on streamlining and simplicity, expectations of greater flexibility. 

The reality is in fact slightly different. For as one set of issues and problems fall away, other imponderables emerge to replace them, and today more than ever, a skilled and experienced eye can guide the way through complexity where trial and error, even when fuelled with optimism, will inevitably result in cost and frustration.

The current state of cross-border distribution reflects over two decades of continuous evolution and growth, with a distinct focus on UCITS products. The next two decades will see challenges unlike those that we have met before, as the retirement and savings imperative changes the shape of the distribution of investment products, as alternative products join the mainstream, and as those countries that we used to think of as emerging, move to centre stage. We are entering a new era of harmonisation, albeit with an underlying current of divergence reemerging on some details, and at the same time we are moving to the next phase of globalisation with greater competition in financial services.

We are pleased to present this brief brochure and the accompanying descriptions of our services; it will, we trust, give you an indication of the breadth and depth of the services that we use to assist you in meeting your goals.

It is not generic, because you are not generic; each of our customers is unique, with goals that match their investment products and aspirations that are in-line with their goals. Our services, as described here, accompany you in achieving those aspirations. 

We provide you with the technology, the process, the know-how and the expertise to truly make a difference; but above all we look to understand your business in order to be better able to be part of its success. Deloitte's cross-border fund distribution services show you what we can do, how far we can go; the detail we shall fill in together.

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