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Keeping track of all relevant developments has become a challenge in today’s complex market. Deloitte screens and indentifies significant issues for your business and conveniently wraps them in podcasts, which you can either download or watch on your computer.

Deloitte’s new podcast series ‘Zoom in’ takes a closer look at issues relevant for your business offering you insight from your industry and subject matter experts.

Deloitte Luxembourg 'Zoom in' podcasts series

  • CFOs in Luxembourg | Dashboard and Key Performance Indicators - strategic tools for the organisation
    Georges Kioes and Petra Hazenberg, partners of the CFO Services at Deloitte Luxembourg, present and discuss the introduction and use of dashboards and key performance indicators as strategic business management tools in Luxembourg. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 4 min 35
  • The German-speaking market in Luxembourg - A transformation with potential
    Jan van Delden, Georges Kioes and Martin Flaunet, partners in audit and part of the German Business Community initiative at Deloitte Luxembourg, present and discuss the German-speaking market in Luxembourg. Language: German (English subtitles) - Time: 4 min 19
  • The Luxembourg Healthcare industry - Risks and challenges
    Luc Brucher and Karine Pontet, respectively partner in audit and Life Sciences and Healthcare leader and director responsible for Life Sciences and Healthcare at Deloitte Luxembourg, take a closer look at the healthcare industry in Luxembourg. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 5 min 14
  • Performance audit, monitoring and evaluation
    Tom Pfeiffer, partner in audit and performance audit leader at Deloitte Luxembourg, introduces the three stages of performance audit and the new solution revolution initiative. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 3 min 08
  • The open talent economy - Talent management 2.0
    Filip Gilbert and Karine Pontet, respectively partner leading the human capital services and director at Deloitte Luxembourg, introduce the Open Talent Economy and discuss how it differs from the traditional vision of talent management. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 4 min 22
  • PSF - Analysis of the industry in 2013
    Raphaël Charlier and Stéphane Césari, respectively partner and lead partner of the PSF industry, provide an overview of the evolution of the industry as they bring to light its current situation as well as the challenges and potential for the years to come. Time: 5 min 02
  • The Luxembourg CIOs: Evolving from Chief Information Officer to Chief Innovation Officer
    Patrick Laurent, partner and CIO leader, and Thibault Chollet, senior manager in advisory & consulting at Deloitte Luxembourg look into the Luxembourg aspects of the 2013 Deloitte CIO survey, presenting priorities and evolving role of CIOs. Time: 5 min
  • The Luxembourg banking industry - Challenges and opportunities
    Martin Flaunet, partner and banking leader, along with Marco Lichtfous, partner in advisory and consulting at Deloitte Luxembourg, give an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the Luxembourg banking industry while highlighting prospect focus points of the market. Time: 6 min 27
  • CFOs in Luxembourg - New challenges ahead
    Petra Hazenberg, partner in charge of CFO services, and Georges Kioes, partner and CFO services leader at Deloitte Luxembourg, discuss the everyday challenges CFOs in Luxembourg have to face in the current economic climate, including cash management and financing. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 7 min 10
  • Family Offices - A new perspective for Luxembourg
    Ruth Bültmann, partner and Family Office leader at Deloitte Luxembourg, elaborates on the rising demand for family office solutions, the regulation of family offices, current issues to tackle as well as the resulting competitive advantages for both stakeholders and Luxembourg. Language: English - Time: 4 min 42
  • CSSF Circular 12/546 - UCITS Management Companies and Self-managed SICAVs at the crossroads
    Sergio Venti and Mike Flynn, senior manager and directeur at Deloitte Luxembourg respectively, discuss about the new CSSF Circular 12/546 as well as related challenges and opportunities. Language: English - Time: 4 min
  • CSSF Circular 12/552 - Converging towards sound governance practices
    Laurent Berliner and Martin Flaunet, partners at Deloitte Luxembourg, discuss the CSSF Circular 12/552 and its consequences, presenting the new key requirements on the market. Language: English - Time: 4 min 31
  • Chief Financial Officer - A complex role
    Georges Kioes, partner at Deloitte Luxembourg and leader of the CFO services, shares the results of the Deloitte Luxembourg CFO survey and the complex role of a CFO in an organisation. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 5 min 36
  • Third party assurance reports - Challenges and opportunities
    Sophie-Charlotte Binninger and Arnaud Barosi, senior manager and manager in advisory and consulting, discuss the growing need for third-party assurance reports and related challenges and opportunities. Language: English - Time: 5 min 53
  • Current KIID challenges and future perspectives
    Christopher Stuart Sinclair and Francois Kim Hugé, both directeurs in advisory and consulting, discuss the current and future challenges of the Key Investment Information Document (KIID). Language: English - Time: 4 min 40
  • Knowledge management
    Joël Vanoverschelde and Marc Noirhomme, partner and directeur in advisory and consulting, highlight the growing importance of having a knowledge management strategy in place to secure the intellectual capital of a company. Language: English - Time: 4 min 36
  • Mobile Marketing
    Véronique Filip, directeur in advisory and consulting, discusses the growth and opportunities of mobile marketing, elaborating on the key success factors of this new marketing action and highlighting the need of an appropriate mobile marketing strategy. Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 4 min 51
  • UCITS IV – Make or buy rethought
    Ruth Bültmann, Advisory&Consulting partner, and Kirsten Wohlfarth, Advisory&Consulting manager, present the Luxembourg UCITS IV implementation status, the consequences and steps to be considered. – Language: German (English subtitles) – Time: 5 min 50
  • Key Investor Information Document (KIID) - Impact and challenges
    Lou Kiesch, Partner in Advisory and Consulting, and Marc Noirhomme, Directeur in Advisory and Consulting, explain the origin of the Key Investor Information Document (KIID) and the challenges linked to the new industry requirement. - Language: English - Time: 6 min 03
  • Social media marketing
    Véronique Filip, directeur in advisory and consulting, explores the relevance of social media today. She focuses on current trends in marketing departments, the methodology of social media marketing and on how to get started when integrating social media in the marketing mix. - Language: French (English subtitles) - Time: 5 min 05
  • The new International Financial Reporting Standard IFRS 9
    Christoph Meilen, senior manager in advisory & consulting, describes the different phases of this change, focusing on risk provisions - Language: German (English subtitles) - Time: 6 min 35
  • Risk culture
    Gilbert Renel, partner in human capital advisory services, and Laurent Berliner, partner in enterprise risk services, explore the key features and benefits of a strong risk culture - Language: English - Time: 3 min 48
  • The VAT package
    Changes, impact and challenges of the VAT package explained by Christian Deglas, partner indirect tax at Deloitte Luxembourg - Language: English - Time: 5 min 58



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