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Private wealth management - Made to measure solutions | Brochure


Private Wealth ManagementFor our PWM practice, serving private clients goes beyond a technical tax advisory relationship. Our practice focuses on the situation of each client, with a deep understanding of the business issues outlined above, in order to help clients address their tax positions and compliance, while working closely with other professionals, both within and outside of Deloitte, who may be engaged.

In addition to your specific circumstances, our specialists bring a deep understanding of the current environment and how it may affect your company, from regulatory changes to globalisation to the ups and downs of our economy. While these trends represent overarching business and economic concerns, tax considerations play a critical role when tailoring an approach to these issues that is appropriate for a private company and its owners. The services outlined on the following pages are important resources to leverage in planning for long-term success through today’s economic and regulatory environment.

At a high level, our services include :

Owner and family wealth planning

themselves faced with difficult and complicated decisions associated with protecting and growing their legacy. Developing a detailed plan for your own long-term financial goals, the goals you have for your family and special causes can help bring perspective and discipline to long-term wealth planning.

Deloitte is well versed in addressing the many facets of wealth planning for you, your family, and your business. We can assist you in exploring issues to consider for an overall wealth plan and available options to pursuing your goals alongside your other advisors to help keep your plans current. Our PWM professionals have experience with the many complex issues involved in estate gift, trust, and charitable planning and we can tailor our services to your specific circumstances. For example, we can advise on the creation and structure of trusts, partnerships and other planning vehicles; design gifting programs for heirs or chosen causes; and assess charitable planning vehicles.

Our goal is to help you, and ultimately your estate fiduciaries, construct and implement a wealth transfer plan that preserves assets, manages tax risks, considers regulatory and tax changes, and reflects your goals.

International tax and estate planning

Increased mobility among High-Net-Worth Individuals and families has coincided with a broad expansion of a globally integrated economy with greater cross-border trade and investment. These families face myriad possibilities for tax and estate planning, especially when they have international residency or investments. Deloitte works closely with clients to address international residency and tax matters and assess investment opportunities from a tax-aware vantage point. We provide information based on the nuances of investing in specific countries and asset types. Our specialists also help to take this knowledge into account with your other investment and wealth planning goals so you can make an informed decision when considering if, how, and where to invest your wealth overseas.

Succession planning

Every business owner or leader has his or her own vision for the company’s future. It takes careful planning and consideration to give your business every chance to realise that goal, even after you are no longer leading the company yourself.

Succession plans should be made long before you are prepared to leave leadership, allowing time to identify successors, cultivate support for your successor and your goals, and plan for the related tax and estate planning considerations. Deloitte understands the complexity of the succession planning process.

We have helped multitudes of private companies through the process, with the end goals as varied as the people and industries they represent. We can guide you through the tough decisions and help you to see value from the perspective of prospective leaders and/or buyers, and with an awareness of tax consequences to consider for both the business and the stakeholders.

Private equity

Many private companies plan to ultimately sell all or parts of their business. Other companies have endured distress and know that selling certain parts of their business may be their best approach for growth. A private equity firm is often part of this process. In order to be prepared for the possibilities, private companies should consider a number of issues, from understanding the value of their company (from the perspective of private equity firms or other buyers) to the tax implications and opportunities involved with a sale in whatever form.

Whether you are considering selling all or a part of your business, you can begin to prepare your company now for your near- or long-term objectives. Deloitte works with both sellers and buyers, including private equity firms. We have the knowledge and experience to help you analyse your enterprise value, make tax-informed decisions to support your goals, and work through the pre-and post-sale periods.


During turbulent times, many companies are uncertain how best to proceed and may be unaware of the options available when facing a restructuring either in or outside of a bankruptcy. It is also important to consider the tax implications of restructuring or reorganisation, while planning for a framework that will allow for future tax efficiency. By taking control of your restructuring or reorganisation process, you can closely manage the decisions you make to better consider potential pitfalls that can lead to unintended loss of tax attributes, and unfavorable tax positions.

Deloitte assists companies through the various aspects of the restructuring and reorganisation process to help address the tax implications for the business, owners, and other stakeholders. We have significant experience working with financially troubled entities or those in bankruptcy and their complex tax issues, and helping them reorganise in a tax-efficient manner. In doing so, we can assist with identifying opportunities to preserve the value of tax attributes such as net operating losses and tax basis and consulting, and assisting with implementing tax-efficient acquisition and financing structures.

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